The 6 Best Things to Say to Someone on a Diet

The 6 Best Things to Say to Someone on a Diet

There are certain things you can say to someone on a diet, and there are certain things you should avoid.

Below you will discover what you can say, but even with these suggestions I would advise that whatever you say is supportive.

Negativity will certainly result in anger.

#1: “You Look Great

Instead of saying to someone that they look skinny, use this compliment instead.

Being skinny might not be what they are working towards, especially with the negativity that surrounds conditions like anorexia.

#2: “Your Diet Sounds Great

This particular comment keeps the focus on their efforts, so try to avoid mentioning your own weight loss successes or failures.

It may feel like you are trying to relate, but not everyone will encounter the same issues when dieting. Remember we are all individuals, so no two methods or journeys are alike.

#3: “Want To Meet Up For A Walk

If your friend or loved one is trying to lose weight they may not want to feel pressured into going for a meal or a couple of drinks.

By offering to do something a little more physical you are still spending time together while also ensuring you are showing them your support for their efforts.

#4: “You Pick Where We Should Eat

You may think you are being supportive by suggesting a place that sells healthy food, but your friend may not see it like this.

It is wrong to make assumptions, and chances are you do not know exactly what kinds of foods they are allowed to eat.

By letting them pick you are showing your support to them.

#5: “I’m Happy You Feel Good

Losing weight to look good is just one reason to lose weight, feeling good maybe a better reason.

#6: “You Can Do It

Our final suggestion tells them that even if they occasionally slip up they can still achieve their goal, and that you are there to support their efforts.

There is nothing worse than feeling alone when things are not going well. A few simple words can make a huge difference to how a person feels and their subsequent actions, make sure you choose your words well.

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