Beyond Raspberry Ketone scams

Beyond Raspberry Ketone scams

Over the past year or so there has been a rise in supplements containing Raspberry Ketones, this in turn has led to an increase in scams and auto ship programs that are intended to make money by ripping you off.

One of the latest auto ship programs to see negative press is Beyond Raspberry Ketone.

Beyond Raspberry Ketone claims to help you in the following ways:

  • Lose your cravings
  • Burn stored fat
  • Retain muscle mass
  • Stop feeling hungry
  • Eat less, feel better

This Raspberry Ketone supplement is made from a blend of proven ingredients such as Raspberry Ketones, Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kelp and Grapefruit Pectin.

However there is no quantity of each ingredient stated on the website so there is no way of knowing whether you will be receiving enough of each ingredient to experience any of the stated benefits.

What is more worrying is the sheer number of complaints seen online from people who have signed up for the trial believing it to be free but in fact have signed up to a program that will charge you an astronomical monthly fee of £84.95 plus £4.95 p&p.

Beyond Raspberry Ketone scam

It seems that the owners have seen the negative attention and have added a disclaimer to the bottom of the website stating their terms and conditions however there still seem to be those who are being charged despite choosing to cancel their order before the product has even been received.

In our opinion trial offers should be avoided if possible, but if one does seem too good to turn down you really need to read the small print before signing up to a potentially expensive auto ship program.

If you have had issues with Beyond Raspberry Ketone you can phone them on 0800 157 7409 or 0800 148 8243, they can also be emailed at support@beyondraspberryketone.com

Finally their address for returns is:

Herkimer House,
 Mill Road Industrial Estate,
 EH49 7SF

We would love to hear about your experience with Beyond Raspberry Ketone, whether it is good or bad. Please leave your comments below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Beyond Raspberry Ketone on TV

During a recent episode of Rip Off Britain (17th March – Food), Gloria Hunniford, Angela Rippon and Julia Somerville investigated Beyond Raspberry Ketone and its trial offer.

To view the episode please click here.

Rip Off Britain

Alternative to Beyond Raspberry Ketone

If you want to buy a proven Raspberry Ketone supplement then the most highly recommended is Raspberry Ketone Plus, a supplement that contains the recommended daily amount of 200mg Raspberry Ketone.

Raspberry Ketone Plus does not offer trials of any sort and is available for £19.95 for a months supply.

Using this supplement alongside a healthy diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean protein with regular exercise will ensure you start moving closer to your ideal goal weight.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

60 comments on "Beyond Raspberry Ketone scams"

    On the 5th of June 2013 I bought a trial of Beyond Raspberry Ketone and pure green coffee. It totalled £8.43 which i thought to be fair as its a Trial.

    Unfortunately to my utter disgust and horror I have been scammed to signing up for a monthly subscription and to this day has robbed me of my money and sanity.
    The amount of £238.05 taken out of my account.

    When I realised it was a scam on the 29th of July and cancelled the subscription and received confirmation email of cancellation.

    They continue to steal money from my account.

    I don`t wish for anyone to go through my awful experience as this product has been a major disappointment as it disrupts your sleeping pattern and concentration.

    I am going to fight to get my money back as it was for my back to school shopping and i have no money to shop at present.

    So sickened with the whole nightmare.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your nightmare 🙁 I had the same with 2 bottles of the Beyond Raspberry Ketone at £84.95 per bottle !!! I have only found out today.

      Thankfully I used Credit Cards so my Credit Card company is taking the dispute up on my behalf. I also got through to the second telephone number above and they have agreed to refund 90% of each bottle for me (cheaper than in the shops, they also wouldn’t take the bottles back unopened) and cancel my subscriptions…not that I signed up to one in the first place !!! and there was no info regarding this on their page at time of purchase. I have only received an email for one refund and subscription so far but I wouldn’t be taking this sitting down if they don’t fulfill their agreement. Thieving so and so’s.

      If you inform your bank they should debit the money back into your account and take the dispute up on your behalf. I only know this as I had a problem a couple of years ago and someone took over £500 out of my account without my permission (like you now) and they instantly put the money back into my account . Can you not cancel the Direct Debit through your account ?? Failing that the only thing I think you can do is cancel your account and open a new one..a pain in the neck I know.

      I hope you find a solution and get your money back xx

    • I applied for a free sample online and have now been charge £84.49 TWICE complete scam

    • This is the same scam that I go caught up in at the beginning of the year the only difference was the names of the products.

      The usage of channel four plus others endorsement is a lie.

      The old saying is right if if sounds to good to be true then it is

      However, if you do get caught and you have paid via bank card go straight to your bank they will be able to cancel any further payments being taken from your account – do not be fluffed off it is your lawful right if they fail to do as you have instructed they are liable for any further monies taken from your account.

  2. I am having the same problem I signed up for a TRIAL paid the 3.49 P&H and have now been charged 85.49!!!!! upon telephoning the company and complaining I was informed it was in there terms and conditions and they will not refund my money (which I don’t even have!) am determined to fight this. Do not buy from this company. Complete rip off and scam and the product doesn’t even work!

  3. Me too. Can’t believe that I was stupid enough to be caught by a scam. I have spoken to both companies today, and been promised cancellation of the account and a 60% refund of the £84.95 for the raspberry ketones and £69.95 for the green coffee. This is still an expensive mistake and I would be happy to join in trying to prevent others from falling into the trap if anyone can think of a way of doing so.

    • Hello Helen.

      I would recommend that you make sure your friends and family are aware of this scam. If you are on Facebook or Twitter then just copy and share the url of this page. 🙂

    • I think it is about time that the politicians and newspapers did something about this!
      I applied for a free trial, there was no price quoted for the goods on the site, which was fronted by Denise Welch, the actress, whose involvement gave a legitimacy to the offer which it otherwise would not have had. (Is she so hard-up that she is prepared to sell her name to promote a scam?) There were no conditions of purchase on the site but as the trial was free apart from p & p., as long as it was cancelled within 14 days, I presumed that a letter would accompany the item, with instructions if I decided to take up the offer.
      This was not the case; the package only contained a dispatch note with the capsules. There was not only still no eventual price, and no address but also there were no conditions. There was however, an email address. I had lost no weight whatsoever so I used the email address to cancel, My email came back because it said it could not be delivered. When I looked at my account £94.97 had already been taken out before the 14 days trial was up. Evidently they start counting immediately the order is placed. In my case this was 19th July 2014. The goods were not despatched until 21st July, and I received them on 23rd July. As far as I was concerned my 14 days would be up on 6th August. the money was taken from my account on 2nd August.
      Obviously I am not going to take this lying down, I have seen the phone numbers to call them, but I do not intend sending any more good money after bad. The numbers are premium numbers and they are cute enough to be making a business killing even from telephone calls. I have never agreed to any conditions because I have not seen any. These websites are set up to disappear as soon as you apply for the free trial, so there is no way to go back to see if you have missed anything. I did check it out very thoroughly before I acted though, specifically looking for a price. From what I have discovered since the conditions were only shown when the order had been placed, i.e. to check you would have to place another order. I intend to take legal advice and to write to the Newspapers. I have heard that it is a waste of time trying to interest the Prime Minister to do something and from my own attempts have found this to be true – the page disappears before there is time to type a complaint. There must be thousands of people being ripped off and the politicians on both sides of the pond are quite prepared to let this scam go on. They say that they cannot do anything because the recipient has agreed to the conditions. To agree you have to be able to read the conditions! Their lack of interest is typical – what is nearly £100 or more, in some cases to them? If there was a loophole which affected Government or the politicians pay-packets, they would soon find a way to stopping it. Anyway my next port of call will be Nigel Farage’s website to see if he has any more get-up and go, he couldn’t have any less These websites when the going gets a bit hot from people complaining, just change their names and sell the same capsules for something totally different.

      • Further to my above comment:
        I have just noticed that most people were charged £84.95 for both the Raspberry Ketones and the green coffee. I was charged £94.97 just for the raspberry ketones. Which I presume is the charge for the FREE Trial. Free Trial means exactly that FREE! so why is it legal for these thieves to take money?

        If beyond raspberry ketone’s actions do not add up to extortion What does?

        • P We too were defrauded on 19th July exactly as were you, received credit card statement today so have already cancelled any more fraudulent debitting by these scammers’ with whom I also spoke by phone demanding refund of the £94.07. I refused the £60 at first offered, as refund under ‘company policy’ also the further £80 threatening court action and secured agreement for refund of the total £94.97 ‘within 5 working days’. We shall see but if it doesnt happen the credit card company will help as also have Trading Standards at Citizens’ Advice. With so many victims reporting frauds from this company surely (1) It should be prosecuted and (2) put out of business.Can anyone supply Ketone’s address-of course it is not provided but needed to notify them of their Breach of Contract under the new Trading Standards Rule of June 13th 2014. We victims must continue to fight these criminals!!

  4. Hi all – I’ve had the same experience as above.

    I followed a review claiming to be for Channel 4, which highlighted the scam issue but suggested this site was ok. I was careful to look out for small print but none was displayed during the order process. I contacted my bank and informed them about the unauthorised debit to my account – they assured me that they would stop any further debits and that i would need to do a disputes notice regarding the £84.95 already debited. I had no luck getting through to the company number today – but will keep trying – shocking abuse of trust by this company – they are clearly out to steal!

    Does anyone know which regulatory body i should complain to in the UK – is it Trading Standards?


  5. Hi, I found today that they had taken another £84.95 from my bank account even though I informed my bank and they told me that Beyond could not take any more from me!.

    I am just waiting for my dispute depart to open at 9am to complain. I did ring the phone number 0800 148 8243 and got through which is a miracle as I have tried before and never got through??

    I asked to cancel this account and told them I was not happy with the treatment of taking my money without warning and that if I had known it was some kind of subscription I would never have joined. The woman who I spoke to offered me a compensation of £25.00 which I said I would accept even though I am still out of pocket!

    She told me it would be in my account within 24 hours so I will check. She also told me that they would send an email to confirm I had cancelled and that no more money would be taken from me. I told her I have never received an email from the company but she said it would probably be in my spam box but I have checked this and no email was found from them or anything that sounded like them??

    We’ll see…… I will be commenting on here with my results?? Please cancel don’t get caught out again, none of us can really afford it. Good luck!!

    • What a rip off I have also had the same problem be warned do not trade with these people they are nothing but thieves. I have just found out today that they have taken £84.95p from my account daylight robbery. I too have cancelled and am now awaiting a confirmation email. PLEASE PLEASE DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

  6. Total and utter scam. I have been on the phone today and they have said they will only refund me 90% of each product. I cannot believe I fell for this like others have been.

  7. My wife was also conned but we have lost £400 and have only received one package, was only when I went through my account and kept seeing ketone and green coffee,rang them up and was told the same thing, it’s in the terms and conditions, but it never said an amount of £84.95.

    It’s a total scam and we will be contacting BBC Watch Dog, fair trading and every newspaper going until we get our money back, it said a free trial, how is this a free trail when we are £400 down, total scam and they needed to be closed down..

  8. The same happened to me. I rung and argued that as the terms and conditions were not brought to my attention (I.e. that I was actually signing up to a monthly payment) at the time I clicked purchase of the free trial and so did not form part of the contract.

    As I hadn’t opened my product they told me to return it and gave me an RMA number. I sent it by special delivery which tracks the signature. They obviously denied it had been received but I had proof so after they checked the tracking on Royal Mail they couldn’t argue it hasn’t been returned and signed for so issued a full refund.

    Make sure you return with the RMA number by special delivery.

    • Glad you had a good outcome. Good tips for anyone else who has been caught out by this scam.

      • I am screaming inside. I have been on the phone most of 2 hrs. I have managed to cancel my ‘subscription’ with both raspberry and green coffee. I got to actually speak to somebody at green coffee and have agreed a full refund for the 2 month supply. BUT…. I cannot get anybody to talk to at raspberry as it is a fully automated service. Has anybody got another number?

        • I was also informed by green coffee man that they do not accept returns? You can imagine my reply, those of a less fragile nature will know what I mean…

    • Thank you thank you thank you. I repeated what you wrote (that the T&Cs weren’t clear). I also said that there was no mention of this 14-day trial on my order confirmation and that the company was clearly not being transparent. I hadn’t opened the product either and made sure I for an RMA number. Tel No: 0800 1488243

  9. Having just received my bank statement I am alarmed to note that two payments (one for £84.95 and other for £69.95) have been debited to my account.

    I acknowledge that I ordered my free trial of Beyond Raspberry Ketone and Nutra Green Coffee on the 15 August, but due to ill health at the time I was unable to even trial the contents.

    Having now lost my job as well, I do hope that we can come to some arrangement. The cost of the product does seem rather high and of course has not been budgeted for.

    I should have read the small print more thoroughly to understand your terms and conditions. As I have received nothing other than the initial products from you please can you cancel any further orders in my name and refund these outstanding monies.

    If in the future I find that indeed the products do work I will contact you to place an order.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Hello Steve.

      Unfortunately I do not work for either Beyond Raspberry Ketone or Nutra Green Coffee so cannot cancel any orders.

      I would recommend that you contact the offending companies using the details listed above.

      I hope you get a satisfactory conclusion. 🙂

  10. I was caught by the Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee scam too. I have received a 90% refund of the £84.95 they took off my credit card. I have also contacted my credit card and told them not to pay out any amounts to these scam merchants.

    I am waiting for a disputes form to fill in as I noticed there was other amounts taken previously amounting to about £50.

    These people are scam merchants and fraudsters and should be stopped. It is shocking what they are doing advertising a free trial and not letting you know how much the product actually is.

    I also did not get any notification that I had to cancel my “subscription” which incidentaly I did not sign up to within 15 days.

    I was able to speak to someone on the Raspberry Ketone number but on the Green Coffee number it was an automated service and it was only with hind site that I checked previous statements that I found they had taken money too. But it is the same company so they should be able to cancel subscriptions on the one telephone number.

    I would advise anyone do not under any circumstances do these “free trials” and if you do just make sure you call them within 15 days of receiving the product to cancel subscription. And also inform your bank or credit card that any transactions from these companys are not authorised.

    • Hi im now having the same problem, my bank said they can block payments and i can hopefully get the money back? im monitoring it but have emailed 3 times,i received the tablets not opened and they have already taken out over a £100 cant believe how stupid ive been!!!

      • Hi Cathy.

        I would recommend phoning them and explaining you have not used the tablets. Maybe they will allow you to return them, though I highly doubt you will receive a full refund.

        Contacting your bank to stop any future payments was a good idea.

        I wish you all the best. 🙂

  11. i have just notice £99 went out of my account last month and another one on Friday i have never had a free sample or anything else, surely they cant just keep taking money for a free sample and nothing else from this company. What the hell is going on just cancelled both cash cards. This is our hardworking money they keep taking taking keep taking this is shocking and never right?????

  12. Hi im being scammed stupidly giving out my bank details and they have already taken out over £100, and the bank said they can block payments but am concerned they will still try to take more!? Help?!!!

  13. Same thing happened to me they have taken 2 payments of £84.95, I am not one to take a rip off lightly and in the space of an 50 min complaint to their customer service dept they offered a 10% refund then 30%, then 70% to finally a 80% refund. It seamed the longer I complained and would not let the matter drop the more they were prepared to refund. Total scam!

  14. Hello,

    I stupidly fell for this scam this morning. Really wish I’d looked into it more. I have cancelled my card and I am hoping that I did it quickly enough for them to not have taken any money (I did it about an hour later) or process the order. Does anyone think that I’ll still get charged?? I also accidentally put that my billing address was the same as my shipping address, which it isn’t. I’m hoping this mistake and the cancelling of the card mean I get away without all the trouble everyone else has experienced. Hope you all get your money back.

  15. Okay i ordered from the Raspberry Ketone Fresh deal that was on Facebook, I did this on Yuesday, after reading online that so many people are being and have been scammed Im scared I might be a victim of it too. Im scared tbh. If anyone has any advice I would be grateful beyond belief! Xx

  16. I fell for the scam as well on the 17 th of January I ordered the free trial. There iwad nothing on the ordering form that highlighted Or suggested I was entering into a contract. After taking them twise I got seriously ill went into hospital for the whole week. When I was well enough to go online that’s when i noticed money has been taken out of my account. I phoned them and was told the same thing as everyone. I argued that if their terms are to cancel within 14 days money should be taken on the 15th day not the 14th as with my case it was still within the cancellation period. I’m still trying to call them but the phone I have is not going thru anymore as I was promised a refund a call back and an email to confirm last Friday but nothing has happened since then I will contact the financial ombudsman tomorrow I’m a single mother trying to survive there was nowhere I could have signed for something as expensive as that when I’m struggling even to meet my daily needs. These are heartless people God should really punish them I pray for my kids to suffer like this because of greed people we will see

  17. Totally scam!!!place the free trial order, after 10 minutes call to cancel the order.. a guy name jack said is ok ..already canceled the order but cant refund the shipping fees. I said fine and i ask again is it everything done. He said yes all done . After 4~5 days i receive the pills!!! I had to cancel my card to stop them taking money out of my bank. Even if u cancel your order they still gonna charge u for money…

  18. does anyone have a number to contact these scam artist. iordered the free sample for 4.95, but they have now taken 59.95 from my debit card.

  19. i have reported them to trading standards who are taking it up i have also emailed watchdog trading standards will help me with my credit card company if i dont get no joy everyone pls report them to trading standards

  20. Hi, I paid by debit card so my bank said I had to take it up with the company although they have blocked further payments (although they said keep an eye on the account as they try under different names once you cancel). I contacted the coffee place first and I’m glad I did because the guy at Raspberry is a rude and arrogant. I gave them hell down the phone and was very assertive, demanding 100% refund and nothing less. The coffee supplement people agreed a 100% refund (minus shipping fees) on both products once they received the product back (you must send it recorded and tracked with their official returns number on the front or they can claim they haven’t received it).

    I also put everything in writing and in email. I’ve had no response to either. Lastly I have recorded the phone conversation with their customer service for proof of what has been agreed… lets see if the refund comes through. Below are my letters to the company.

    To whom it may concern,

    I wish to cancel all dealing with you as a company and have contacted my bank to stop all further payments to you. I would like ALL DETAILS including my bank details erased from your (and partners’ files). My bank has been alerted and if you attempt to take money from my account, again they will refund me regardless of whether you use your trading name or another company.

    I have tried to call your customer service free on 0800-148-8243 to cancel the product a number of times yesterday during the opening hours. I also emailed you on the 17th asking to cancel all dealings with you, and have not yet had a response. I have been unable to cancel my account on-line as my email address is not being recognized by your system at https://www.myeasycancel.com. I do not have an order number with you and I was not aware I had an account either, I merely applied for a FREE trial of supplements. I did not and do not agree to an automatic rolling subscription of any kind for any product.

    Furthermore, it was impossible to TRIAL your product as I was not given a full 14 day TRIAL at all! According to my bank you put in a request for payment on the 28th January and the 14-day trial period apparently started the same day of purchase, however payment for shipping did not leave my account until the 4th Feb (7 days later) and the product did not arrive until 3 weeks. I therefore did not have time to try the product within the 14 days. On your terms and conditions, you claim to send products via Royal Mail 1st class packages, which are usually received within 1 to 2 days. I do not think you have met your terms and conditions or that the items were sent on the same day of ordering as no 1st class Royal mail package takes 3 weeks to be delivered. In fact the payment of £95 was taken just after they arrived..

    The items you have sent me are still fully sealed and can be returned to you. Furthermore, you have taken money from my account for a service I do not want without my authorization, this means I am now unable to feed myself or pay my rent, you are scamming people and should be aware of the effects of your actions as a company. What you are doing is IMMORAL.

    I believe the online endorsement by channel 4 and a Women’s magazine that takes you straight through to your website would support a case of false advertising and deception. The fact that the name of your company and the name and product has change numerous times (according to online blogs) shows the level of deceit you are willing to go to, to take people’s hard earned money. You have obtained money by deception in the way you advertised your product by misleading customers into thinking it was a FREE trial.

    I have reported you to trading standards and BBC Watchdog are copied into this email. I have also sent this letter to you in the post. I request a FULL refund. I will return both the Trial and all further products to you without opening them. If you have sent the product that you have billed me for on the 14th February then please send me a Return Merchandise Authorization Number for the supplements, they will be returned to you the day they arrive, recorded delivery and I wish to have the return authorization number before they arrive.

    I request confirmation of receipt of this letter, confirmation of a complaint number / reference for this matter. I request confirmation that all of my personal details have been fully removed from your (or partner) systems, confirmation of cancellation and a written response explaining how you justify a FREE 14 day trial period, when your customers can not try the product in the time and are billed for a reoccurring service that they do not want.

    I expect a response to this letter within 10 days of the date on this letter.

    Beyond Nutra Limited,

    I am returning the Ketone Advanced and Green Coffee Cleanse TRIAL supplements unopened and sealed.

    I requested a FULL refund for both products via customer service on 18th February 2014, customer service agreed to a 100% refund of £94.97 and £79.97 once the supplements arrive at your returns address (PO Box 13511). I am therefore returning both the trial products to you without opening them, I have tracked this package to you and will be emailing again as soon as they are delivered to you to ensure you follow through on the 100% refund promise.

    I expect a FULL REFUND to enter my account within 10 days of the date on this letter.

    I have contacted my bank to stop all further payments to you and associated trading names. I have asked for all auto home delivery programs to be cancelled (17th February) and would like confirmation of this. I want ALL DETAILS including my bank details erased from your (and partners’ files) after the FULL refund is given, My bank has been alerted and if you attempt to take money from my account, again they will refund me regardless of whether you use your trading name or another company.

    I hope this helps some people get their money back!

  21. Luckily I did research after ordering the 14 day trail (only paying s&h $4.95) and I was able to cancel my card right away to stop any money from being taken out of my account. It’s sad that they are scamming people who want to loose weight! I’m disgusted. In the terms and conditions is says, as long as you cancel the subscription within 14 days of ordering the product, no further monies will be taken out. LIES! I tried canceling my subscription today, and they said that in order to do so, I would have to pay for the full amount of the bottle ($39.95). That’s bull crap! I called my bank and explained what was going on and they gladly blocked the company and canceled my card. Although I haven’t had any other money taken out I still feel so stupid for falling in a trap! I hope that your reading this before your 14 days to cancel is over so you can take action!

  22. I too was feeling gullible on the day I pressed the button for free trial £4.99pp. Never in a million years would I pay £170 for tablets that could be filled with anything. I feel now that after discovering so late that this money had gone out of my debit card there is little I can do about it because of the time lapse. What has worried me today was the programme Rip off Britain alerted me to so I checked reviews on my iPad for Beyond Keytone Rasberry. And so many people have been ripped off. Also check with your disputes dept at the bank and make sure they do not take money using yet another company name. These people are evil, preying on vulnerable folk. Every measure possible should be taken to ensure these people are stopped and receive the penalties they deserve. Disgusting vile people.
    I’m amazed a company as big as Channel four did not investigate the advertisement before putting it out then again it’s “business to these people”.

  23. Can I ask why, this is the first time I have done a comment, moderate it down to what? Their are longer comments than mine

    • Hello Irene.

      Every comment is held in moderation so please do not take it to heart that yours was too. This is just to ensure we have some control over the spam currently being submitted. 🙂

  24. They are there to con you don’t even speak to u they have just hung up the phone on me when they said im not entitled to a refund and i haven’t even received any products there lie’ers and cheats

  25. I have just been scammed tonight what an idiot I have spoken to the coffee bean people and they said they have closed my account but couldn’t refund me the postage money I said fine! Does this mean they will take more money from me? I haven’t yet spoken to the raspberry ketone people as I couldn’t get through I informed my bank but they said I had to spk to the companies I really can’t afford to have made his massive mistake as yet no money has left my bank? Will I be alright? I can’t cancel my card as am away I. Holiday tomorrow and need it! Please give me some hopeful news

  26. Hi all

    Anyone got an up to date email address/phone number/address for these malicious, despicable people?
    I’ve tried numerous numbers, and 2 different email addresses, and none work. My bank has stopped recurring transactions, but these people are sly. If they change their company name, the bank won’t automatically stop it! Help!!

  27. Arghhhh! Just realised I’ve been scammed. Reading these comments makes me ill, I tried to ring number supplied and spoke to a guy who couldn’t speak/understand English very we’ll at all. Will pop into bank tomorrow but has anyone any current numbers or had any luck with refunds? This is unreal and seems I’m in exactly same postin as lots of others, so frustrating and annoying!

    • I’ve just been found that I have been scammed to.They took money out of my account for the so called free trail then 14 days they took further 183.00 pounds out of my account I contacted my bank they told me first to contact them which I did first they hung up so I phoned again they said I had gone over the trail period so they took the money and said I wasn’t aware that I had to tell them if I did not want any more as I didn’t say yes to the subscription.so I didn’t get anywhere they didn’t want to know they had my money but they said they would stop it as from now.My bank said they couldn’t do anything apart from making sure they don’t take any more money out.It is a con so unfair

  28. Well these pills have helped me lose weight through sheer stress and anxiety! I feel such an idiot! This has to be a case of misrepresentation. How can a trial date begin from point of transaction when the actual item you need to trail isn’t delivered until a week later!
    I can’t believe that clever wording is enough for them to get away with doing this. My bank has been alerted and I was told I am just one of many who has been scammed. They have put a stop to future transactions and trading standards are aware.
    My fear is that they will just change their name and keep trying to take my money. It is all very stressful and not the way I intended to lose weight!
    I managed to speak to a senior representative(08447707454) who said she will cancel my order but I’ve had no follow up email! She was v clear that I would not be receiving a refund and I am nearly £150 out of pocket.
    There must be a legal case here to be had. It was not made clear to me, following a facebook link, that I would be signing up to a simple scam! The advert is still running and the use of English language is indeed misleading.
    Please can someone do something?

    • I too foolishly made the mistake of signing up for the free trial of Raspberry Ketone & Coffee Cleanse, but thanks to this website I have phoned them and hopefully nipped it in the bud before getting charged any astronomical charges for this product.
      I have also contacted my credit card company and put a stop on any future attempts for them to try to take monies from my account.
      I phoned them on the number that was provided on this website and they said they have put a stop on my account. They have also given me 2 RMA numbers and an address to send the products back to them when they arrive, as they said they had already been shipped out yesterday.
      I hope I have done enough to stop them before they even start.

    • I also clicked on a facebook link and have just today found £200 missing from my account. The worst part is I was checking my account to see if I could justify an overnight to Paris to see my bestie for the first time in 3.5years which is now certainly not a possibility.
      I called the company and pitched a fit and they have granted me 50% refund and cancellation. Then I found this and realised I have been scammed. So frustrating for something I just wanted to give a try and see if it would work.

  29. I too have been scammed! In total they have taken an astonishing £349 from my account! I am livid and so very upset that I fell for this!
    After being on the phone to them today for 30mins I got £70 back… Apparently he was doing me a favour as he should have only given me £55.
    £349 is a hell of a lot to lose =( I don’t know what else to do!

  30. I paid £3.95 for a trial of Raspberry ketone, did not see any terms & conditions and today have noticed that £94.97 has been taken from my account. When I called my bank they knew immediately what it was. I phoned the company who kept me hanging on and after some time agreed to refund 50% of the money. We shall have to wait and see.
    I am furious. What a con!!

  31. I stupidly fell for this scam too. I received my bottles and on the evening when my husband came home from work, he said a friend of his at work had trouble with a company selling these things, and he had 100’s of pounds go from his bank account. I re searched and found a forum for this product, and it looked like it was the same 1. I emailed the company strait away to cancel, with no reply. Today i sent the items back, it cost me over eight pounds to send it track & sign, but its better than 100’s of pounds, i then rang my bank who were well aware of these rip off artists, they said that the payment for the p & p had already gone out and they have stopped any further payments being taken out by this company. I have surely learnt my lesson and will be extremely vigilant if ever ordering anything off the internet again. Wishing u all good luck x

    • I have also fell for this scam but in a different way. I had just logged into Barclays online banking to check my balance and before I could check my balance a questionnaire flashed in front of my screen professing to be Barclays Bank and asking me to take part in a questionnaire. As I was struggling to get out of the questionnaire I decided to answer the questions, e.g. Are you happy with your service at Barclays etc. This seemed perfectly legitimate and I honestly thought I was on Barclays website as their company logos were identical to the Barclays on line system. At the end of the questionnaire (around 5 questions) they offered me a free gift to say thank you for taking part in the questionnaire. I chose the Raspberry Ketone from 1 of 5 products and agreed to it as part of a free trial for the cost of postage to which I agreed. The diet pills arrived within a week and the postage was taken from my account but then 11 days later on 1 August they took £94.97 out of my account. I immediately rang Barclays who have advised me that they receive a lot of complaints about this company and that they would also cancel any further payment being taken. I also rang Beyond Ketone and asked how they could sleep at night and how they can run such a fraudulent company. They told me I couldn’t have a refund so I am now taking this up with the Fraud department at my bank. I am hoping Barclays will try and refund the money from Beyond Ketone as the fact they were posing as Barclays Bank is complete a utter fraud and very worrying. Has anybody else had the experience of this company posing as another company, i.e. banks etc.

  32. The same thing has happened to me.. This is the e-mail which I have just sent them.. We’ll see if this works!


    On July 17th 2014, I ordered my free trial of Keytones and Green tea extract. On July 31st I was changed £94.97 and £79.97. I then contacted you directly via phone, to which I was informed that this change was for my next month supply which was going to be shipped and my subscription has now been cancelled and no further changes were going to be made.
    I then contacted your help desk yesterday (06/08/2014) and spoke to a lady who informed me that your system was down but that there will defiantly be an order in the post to me. I told you that I would be in touch once the system was up and running. I rang back later in the day and spoke to a man named Ron.
    Ron laughed down the phone to me and told me that I would receive no refund and that there was no products in the post. I asked to speak to someone else- to which he refused. I then hung up and called back.
    This time I spoke to a man called Sam. I explained my situation, to which he did not listen and did not stop speaking over me (very rude). Again I asked to speak to someone else- Sam informed me that his supervisor was busy. I then told Sam (referring to your terms and conditions) that because I have been enrolled in your auto-delivery that I expect my products or a refund. He told me that I was entitled to neither.
    At this point- I told Sam that I was going to contact trading standards. He then put me on hold.
    On his return he said that he could offer me a 30% refund, to which I replied that I want a 100% refund or my product which I have paid for.
    He put me on hold again.
    When Sam returned he stated “I can offer you a 50% refund if I have your word now on the recorded message that you will NOT contact trading standards” he claimed that this refund was nothing to do with your companies fault- just for my troubles.
    To which I said, contact trading standards was my human right and you can not take that away from me. Sam then said that in that case he cannot give me a 50% refund.
    I also have a recording of this on my phone.

    On your terms and conditions it states “When each month’s supply ships, we will automatically charge the monthly fee of £ 94.97 plus £ 4.95 postage and packing to the card you provided when you signed up for the trial offer. You may cancel your enrolment in the auto delivery program at any time by contacting customer service. Shipping and handling may range from £ 4.95 to £ 9.95 and is subject to change without notice.”

    No where does it state that the first payment was for your FREE trial.
    And if this is the case- then you do in-fact OWE me AT LEAST a 50% refund because you have charged me for a full months supply- instead of 14 days. (Not for my troubles- but because you are in the wrong)

    I explained this to sam, at which point he would no longer allow me to speak. Shouting over me and quoting completely irrelevant conditions which had no relation to my issue.

    The fact that sam tried to stop me from contacting Trading Standards is not allowed and is morally proving that he was aware that there was something wrong in which he was saying.

    The point that Sam was trying to make (very rudely and very badly) was that because I called up on the 31st July (after I had been charged) that this was the reason that no more products have been shipped and if I hadn’t have made that call cancelling my subscription that I would have another batch (which I have already paid for) in the post.

    After your terrible customer service and your day-light robbery, I now would ask you for my FULL refund or the products in which I have paid for.

    Thank you

  33. I too and embarrassingly have been caught out by this too. I paid the £3.95 for the FREE Trial of Raspberry Ketone and I didn’t cancel wihrin the 14 days trial period.

    I too received a dispatch note and nothing informing me that if I did not cancel wihtin the 14 days monies would be taken ut of my bank account. To my horror last week when my bank card was declined whilst shopping I contacted my bank who informed me that beyond ketone had taken £94.97p out of my bank account (unbeknown to me).

    My bank were fantastic and have blocked them from taking any further monies and if they manage to do so, the bank will re-imburse me. I was informed by my bank that this has happened to 100’s of people. I telephoned ketone yesterday and emanded my refund of £94.95 back and they said that they would only refund me £60.00???? I questioned this twice and was informed that this was the cost of the trial pack? I also challenged this for the idiot on the other end of the phone to simply repeat himself with ‘terms and conditions’ and what was even more insulting was that they had taken this money 18 days ago however I didn’t receive any further product. I also challenged this and was again informed that this cost was for the initial trial pack (which was supposed to be free)

    This is a disgusting scam and resulted in me having to increase my bank overdraft just to cover a coupke of bills that were stil to come out of my account. You can purchase Raspberry ketone in Holland and Barrett for £9.99 as a point of interest. My bank have also sent them a cancellation letter.

    This companies are no better then your Wonga.com or other ‘rinsing’ greedy individuals and as a point of interest when I have made telephone calls I have been barely able to understand the person at the other end of the phone as english clearly is not their first language and beware as they also play on this by saying they don’t understand what you are requesting.

  34. I too. i just found out today as i have checked my credit card transaction. They charged me twice (July and August) £94.97 and £79.97 for Nutracoffee. In total they ripped me by £350!!! i am in to take this forward to BBC Watchdog and other media.

  35. I have been trying to get my refund since Feb. I ordered late in Jan. and they have continued to take money
    off my card and I cannot get a refund. This is WRONG, the lady said this is just a call center.
    All I want is a refund they have lied to me and told me yes they will give me a complete refund and then the refund never get put back on the card.

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