Bikini Selfies are key for Weight Loss

Bikini Selfies are key for Weight Loss

According to a new study (undertaken at the University of Alicante) those dieters who are brave enough to show off their bodies for the camera are more likely to lose weight than those who keep their weight loss journey private.

What research was undertaken?

This study looked at the motivation levels of 271 participants (aged between 16 and 72), with 233 of them being female.

The participants were measured each week, with notes taken of their BMI (Body Mass Index) and weight-to-hip ratio. They were also encouraged to keep both a food and exercise dairy over the course of the 16 week study.

At the end of the study 90% of the participants made it to the conclusion of the study, with 71.3% shown to have reached their weight loss goals.

When asked the participants stated that they found that they were more motivated to succeed by image, rather than the threat of developing an underlying health condition such as high cholesterol of heart disease.

How can bikini selfies help with weight loss?

The reason why these bikini selfies help with weight loss is that they provide you with visual confirmation of your success.

This will help to motivate you to continue as you have seen just how much your body has changed.

Professor Mercedes Rizo Baeza, at the University of Alicante had this to say about the weight loss benefits of bikini selfies:

“After all, it is very gratifying to literally see yourself get slimmer over time.”

“What patients want is a photo, rather than cold numbers.”

So, are you keeping photographic evidence of your weight loss progress? If not is it not time that you started? This new study has proven that it can help you to achieve your goal weight.

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