Binky Felstead weight loss results

Binky Felstead weight loss results

Binky Felstead, one of the stars of the popular reality TV show Made In Chelsea has recently revealed her weight loss results where she lost a stone in weight and dropped a dress size in just 6 weeks.

The pretty 23 year old may not be overweight but she has admitted that she has long suffered with a lack of body confidence just like so many of us, especially when she had to appear onscreen with her other super slim co-stars, such as Millie Mackintosh for example.

“Looking back at the old shows, I think I looked awful and overweight.”

“My face was really puffy and my hair was greasy. I think I had lost touch with my appearance a bit. My ex-boyfriend used to call me the big whale.”

How did she lose the weight?

With an upcoming calendar shoot just on the horizon, Binky gave herself a target of 9st 2lbs within a 6 week period.

Like so many of us Binky was not too keen on working out in front of strangers in the gym so decided she would instead workout at home.

“I knew I had to get on a serious fitness kick. That said, I’ve never been much of a gym bunny so I decided to turn my front room into my very own work-out space.”

“Every other morning I would move the dining table to one side and have my very own gym space. The work-outs were really energetic cardio programs and, if I’m honest, my fitness levels were pretty poor and at first I could only manage 45 minutes, but over time I was doing a full hour.”

Did Binky have any other help?

Binky Felstead calendarAlong with her home workouts Binky has revealed that she has also been using a weight loss supplement to achieve her weight loss goals.

“I’d usually do my work outs at about 8am before I went to filming for Made In Chelsea and I would take one or two tablets of Forza Raspberry K2.”

“They would give me an energy boost to build up the inclination to start the work-out session as well as helping with fat-burning.”

“There is no way I could have done this shoot if I hadn’t done the work-outs and been using the Forza Raspberry K2. I just wouldn’t have felt confident enough to be pictured in this way.”

Forza Raspberry K2 is the same supplement that Luisa Zissman used to achieve her weight loss goals earlier this year so it must be doing something right.

Was Binky happy with her weight loss results?

Binky managed to reach her goal within the 6 weeks and was happy to pose for her calendar shoot wearing a skin tight leopard print catsuit.

“I’ve never felt better and it was great to see my super-flat tummy in the after shoots. I also felt super-sensual in those gorgeous designer outfits for the calendar shoot.”

“It’s all due to my new health regime. For the first time in my life, I feel really confident about showing off my body.”

Where to buy Forza Raspberry K2?

You can buy Forza Raspberry K2 from the ForzaSupplement.co.uk website, with a months supply of 60 capsules costing just £16.

Click here to buy Forza Raspberry K2

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