Is the BioActive Raspberry Ketones trial a scam?

Is the BioActive Raspberry Ketones trial a scam?

Even now sales of Raspberry Ketone supplements continue to grow. No doubt the Dr Oz endorsement is still ringing in the consumers ears.

This has led to supplements such as BioActive Raspberry Ketones being created to cope with the demand, yet not everyone seems to be happy with their purchases.

In the review we will discover why the BioActive Raspberry Ketones trial offer may not be all that it is made out to be.

Claimed benefits of BioActive Raspberry Ketones

BioActive Raspberry Ketones has claimed the following on their website:

  • Lose weight with an all-natural extract
  • Packed with nutrients that boost metabolism and burn fat
  • Contributes to your overall health

With these claims no wonder this supplement has become so popular in such a short space of time.

Before commenting on whether these claims are accurate or not we will need to look at the ingredients used in this supplement.

Ingredients found in BioActive Raspberry Ketones

Although BioActive Raspberry Ketones contains proven weight loss ingredients such as Raspberry ketone, African mango extract, Acai fruit, Green tea extract, resveratrol, caffeine, anhydrous, apple cider vinegar, kelp and grapefruit, there is no mention of their dosages, instead the term ‘proprietary blend’ has been used.

This basically means that the supplement contains these ingredients but the manufacturer is unwilling to disclose the dosages.

This is a little disappointing as it would be nice to know what it contains, however I do believe some benefits will be experienced.

Cost of BioActive Raspberry Ketones

If you do not read the terms and conditions of this offer you may wrongly believe that this trial offer is free, when the reality is far from it.

In fact no part of this trial is free as initially you will need to pay the cost of postage then if you fail to notify them within 12 days of the initial order you will be charged the full purchase price ($59).

As this is an auto ship program you will also find that you will continue to receive further monthly packages along with the bill, that is until you cancel your account.

Is BioActive Raspberry Ketones a scam?

BioActive Raspberry Ketones seems at first glance to be different from all the other auto ship programs currently available online, however they are still making their money using the same idea.

They have made some big claims but are unable to back them up with science as they have chosen not to disclose their ingredients in full.

Also their decision to use auto shipping is another red flag that will surely lead to complaints from those who chose not to read the terms and conditions.

Contact details for BioActive Raspberry Ketones

Along with the web form on their website you can also contact BioActive Raspberry Ketones using the following telephone numbers:

US (toll free): 1-888-221-2554
International: 1-646-688-0457

If you have signed up for this trial offer please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to BioActive Raspberry Ketones

To find an alternative to BioActive Raspberry Ketones you only need to look at Raspberry Ketone Plus, which is sold online by Evolution Slimming.

This supplement contains not only the recommended amount of Raspberry Ketones but also other proven weight loss ingredients. These ingredients have even been shown with their dosages so you know exactly what benefits to expect.

Raspberry Ketone Plus is available for $31, which is almost half the price of BioActive Raspberry Ketones, and best of all you wont ever have to sign up for an auto ship program to get it.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

29 comments on "Is the BioActive Raspberry Ketones trial a scam?"
  1. There is no free-trial! They do not refund when returned! RIP – OFF !!!!!!

  2. I received my trial offer and then my acct was charged $89.74!!! The monthly membership is nly $59????? ANd nobody can help me or tell my why I was charged the “odd” amount. I keep being told send an email to support@bioactiverasberry.com but it keeps coming back undeliverable!!!

    My suggestion: NEVER TRUST YOUR ACCT TO ANY COMPANY ONLINE!!! This is caused me to have 5 overdraft fees at $41 a charge. That’s $205 in overdraft fee’s + $89.74 for nobody knows. $300 later and still no help and Christmas is just 4 weeks away. My kids will not have a Christmas now…..

    Thanks alot! Now I will lose weight just from the stress that they have caused me….

  3. BEWARE !!! Same billing scam experienced by reviewers before me- Got a $90.00 charge to my account even though I cancelled within the 12 day return period- Total billing scam !!!

    • Me too, get me out of this scam!!

      • I had to put a stop on the card I used to pay them and get a new card and notify the bank of unauthorized charges to my account. It stopped them.

    • How can I cancel my free trial and subscription to this bioactive please help me I an avoiding future charges

  4. Hi to whom it may concern,

    I would like to buy bioactiveraspberry but i could not buy it because I’m from Malaysia.
    Can you guide me how shoud I buy it?

    I will be waitiong for you email.

    Thank you,

    Komalpreet Kaur

  5. hi.. I would like to place order for the same.. But i am not able to buy as there you don’t ship to India. What other option you have


  6. How can I get the auto ship to stop, these pills made me extremely sick!!!

  7. its definitely a scam I was charger $85 for a new bottle that I didn’t want. No refund.

  8. It is ABSOLUTELY a scam! Billed $79 for the “free” bottle of rasberry ketones and no refunds! Then the pills have made me really sick after taking them only a few days! Threw them out today. Side effects; nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, heart racing, and increased reaction to stress – due to increased norepinephrine in the blood and increased blood pressure due to the pills. No, I did not have these problems before taking these and have done nothing else different. This company should be shut down and not allowed to reopen!!!

  9. I Barbara bickhoff,received my trial of bio active i thought it was free but you took 2 lots of payments on the 15/9/15 of $127/66 from my bank account as i am only a pentioner that took 2 weeks of grocery money from me .i have contacted my bank to see if they can get my money back from you advertising your product for free and then charging an enourmous amount is a scam and i need my money back ASAP or i will report you to scam watch for false information Barbara bickhoff

    • Barbara, the above is a review and in no way endorses this trial offer. To cancel I suggest you contact them yourself (and your bank), as they are unlikely to read your comment here.

  10. One thing for sure ,they don’t work and I was completely ripped off,and reported them to scam watch they took $114.31 out of my bank on 31/8/15 twice and $127.66 out ofmy account twice.15/9/15.i did receive the raspberry and colon clense but it doesn’t work.i am a pentioner with 4 kids and that was my grocery money for a month.i changed my card number to stop them but they wont refund my money Barbara bickhoff

  11. I’m agreeing with everyone above…this is a scam and the information was misrepresented. I wanted to review the “terms and conditions” I supposedly agreed to and they said they could not send it to me…when I called back and spoke with another rep, she put me on hold for several minutes and simply stated that it was system generated and she was unable to locate it at the time and it may take a few business days(makes no sense). They did not refund the $79, even after I said I would send the product back. I was told that they would cancel my subscription and I’d receive an email in regards to the cancellation…I have yet to receive that either. I do not suggest purchasing this product.

  12. It says on the bottom that this happens if you do not cancel your subscription. I got the free bottle and canceled it without having to pay a dime.

  13. Please guys, don’t purchase this product. The website is misleading. They mislead you telling that it s a trial!!! it s not!!! they will make you pay twice the price and you won’t get any refund.
    Please don’t try. If you want to try the product, buy it at Walmart just to try and see if it works!!!
    Most people who say that they tried from this website are being paid to lie about that!!! they only want your money!!! those who have been scammed, please join me to tell the whole world how this website is a scam. Let s report them altogether so many people won’t be affected!

  14. I don’t ever remember signing up for this raspberry weight loss stuff. And yet I find an 84 dollar charge on my bank statement. And never received any raspberry stuff in the mail. And when I call the number I am on hold for 11 minutes then asked to leave a message. Which gives you 10 seconds to leave a message and hangs up. Seems like a scam to me. But also never been a fan of Dr Oz either.

  15. So I get that it is a scam. But did anyone get results? Did it work for you? I purchased and canceled my cards after reading everyone’s feeds.

    I just want to know if anyone had results of weight loss

  16. hey….as i have gone threw the comments and reviews..all i can see is thee shipping nad charging scam….but can anyone tell me..about the producy…does it actually workk..because im keenly interstd in using that product….so can you guys let me knw the resuly of the product…if uts accrate and effective i vill purchase it from.somewhere else..

    thank you..

  17. This site is definitely a scam. Their UK telephone number is not recognised. Awful. Make sure that you contact your bank and ensure they do not authorise any charges.

  18. all of their phone numbers have been disconnected, ive sent them an email to cancel my order as I haven’t received a confirmation email yet, hoping this is enough to stop it from going through and getting charged

  19. This is a scam they take your money and it doesn’t work

  20. I signed up for the free trial having read all the T&C’s carefully. I rang within the 15 days to cancel the ongoing subscription to be told that I would have to return the the free bottle I received originally. This means that you on yo to get to try the product for about 10 days maximum after waiting for it to be delivered before you have to cancel. That would be if they had even delivered it. I am still waiting for my trial bottle to arrive.
    Disgusting service, misleading T&Cs, & cost more than expected

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