BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse Review – Is it a scam?

BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse Review – Is it a scam?

Using BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse is said to help you “flush pounds and detoxify”, which in turn will help you “add years of high energy health to your life”.

This all sounds promising, but can you truly believe the hype?

We have seen countless products in the past that make various claims like this, only to be disappointed time and again.

What sets this product apart from the others? This review will soon discover the truth behind the claims.

Claims made by BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

Users are claimed to receive the following benefits:

  • Flatten your belly
  • Boost your energy
  • Relieve constipation

To check how accurate these claims are we will need to spend a little time looking at the ingredients.

This is a good tip for any potential weight loss supplement, not only to check how effective it is, but also to confirm it is safe to use too with no potential for side effects.

Ingredients found in BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

Unfortunately there is not one mention of what this supplement contains.

We can see that it works by detoxing your colon, but there is no mention of what ingredients are used to do this.

This is disappointing and not only makes me doubt its claims, but also makes me wonder if any potentially dangerous ingredients have been used.

At this point there is no way of knowing.

Price of BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

You can trial BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse “risk free”, but this does not mean free of charge.

If you sign up for this offer you will be given 18 days to trial the product, after which you will be charged £69.71.

As this trial leads onto an auto-ship program, failure to cancel within the trial period means that you are liable to receive further deliveries, each charged at the full purchase price.

These payment terms are laid out in the T&Cs, but does anyone ever read these?

I would suggest that before you sign up for any trial offer that you know exactly what it is you are signing up for.

Is BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse a scam?

The lack of ingredient information should be enough to put you off this trial, but the high cost and use of auto-shipping is another serious issue.

Similar trial offers have lead to multiple complaints from users, so I would suggest you avoid signing up for this offer.

Contact details for BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

To cancel your trial you should contact BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse using the following information:

Phone: +44 (0) 203-318-1133
Email: support@bioslimdailypowercleanse.com

DetoxPlusPlease leave a message below if you have signed up for this offer.

Alternative to BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

If you want to give your diet a much needed kick start then I would suggest you take a look at Detox Plus.

This particular supplement is sold online via the Evolution Slimming website, and it contains ingredients that are both safe and effective for weight loss.

Benefits offered include:

  • Natural detoxing
  • A boost to your energy levels
  • Better weight loss results
  • Reduce bloating and constipation

A months supply costs £19.95, and as there is no auto-shipping you wont receive any unwanted packages. You will only ever receive what you order.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus




32 comments on "BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse Review – Is it a scam?"
  1. Please cancel my order

  2. The omega 3 was added by mistake, PLEASE cancel my order

  3. please, cancel my order

  4. So I read this review and instantly wanted to cancel my order. I e-mailed them on the address provided and they instantly emailed me back saying they are processing my refund and gave me a cancellation code. Maybe because so many people do it after they’ve read the small print. Hopefully they won’t charge my card, hmmm maybe I should cancel my card incase it all seems too easy.

  5. If you actually get sent the bioslim to the power cleanse you won’t get the time to try it out before they bill you a fortune this says £69.71,I was told it’d be £99 a month. I’ve cancelled with them because I have not received the products they promised me and wouldn’t be able to try them out in the allocated before billing.

  6. Please cancel my order I din’t realise it was a money getting taken out of my bank monthly

  7. It’s a scam as proven by the common format of offering a free trial and hiding automatic monthly extortion in the T&Cs. No legitimate company should act in such a blatantly devious fashion. This link takes you to a page with further link access to their cancellation procedure. N.B. ONE CANCELLATION FOR EACH PRODUCT

  8. Order no: 15691050 & 15691044
    Please cancel these orders, I wasn’t aware that regular payments were going to be taken fom my account. I only wanted a trial.
    Please do not take any more money I am returning the items straight away.
    Thank you Barbara Bardsley

  9. People who buy unknown and unseen products from unknown suppliers deserve to be scammed and fleeced for everything they have got. Why do these moronic fools not check to find out if these products are available in reputable high street shopping outlets and if not why not.

  10. I cancelled my order within 10 minutes of placing it when I saw a number of emails about other products I didn’t want (at about 5.30am) . They replied with a series of confusing emails cancelling the subscription and products but said it was too late to cancel shipplng . How on earth could they process and ship the product within 5 minutes particularly at that time of the morning.?
    A little later I received a shipping notification with no tracking number. I had already threatened them with Facebook and Dragons Den but they ignored that (previous comments explain why).
    I asked why there was no tracking number and they replied saying it was too early to supply it !
    I can’t believe I was stupid enough to fall for this especially when I used my wife’s card while she was still sleeping.

  11. Please cancel my order,this does not work for me !

  12. I wish I hadn’t bothered. I did because site mentioned Dragons Den. What a con. I only wanted to camp!e product not signed up to a subscription. In layman terms this is fraudulent.

  13. Please everyone, you can’t cancel your order this way email the correct contact details. It’s not hard people. 😂

  14. I’d like to cancel my order too. I thought it was an order for a Disney fairy princess rectal spoon. Dammit.

  15. My comment is awaiting moderation? You’re kidding me!?

    Someone actually acknowledged that the previous comments were valid posts.

    There is no hope. Xxx

  16. While I’m at it…..

    I’d like to ask if it is possible for you to contact a doctor for me, because I’m clearly not able to myself. Lolz. The last time I tried to use my stolen smart phone that I bought for £80 from that bloke who is one of the kids dads I think- I stabbed myself in the eye with a wardrobe. I’m not very good with computers. Lolz. Xxxx. 🙀❤️❤️❤️

    You see the problem is, my kids have been eating these tablets for weeks because I forgot to go to Morrisons. They thought they were sugar puffs. Lol. It’s not their fault. I got a bit mixed up too. Lol. Xx. They won’t stop shitting. It’s going everywhere.


  17. I don’t see whut the problem is.

    Curry’s sell tablets for like a hundred quid plus sometimes. We saw this wen we bought are new tv. Well actually we brought it from Tesco cos it was cheaper cos it was smaller but we still did see it in curries.

    These are cheap.

    Stupid peeple. You shud by sum Moore.

  18. I’d like to order:

    Chicken chow mein.
    Special fried rice.
    2 x Chicken curry.
    Won ton soup.

    And please ask the cabbie to pick up some rizzla and a bottle of Asti Spumante. I’ll pay him next week.

    Becki. ❤️

  19. I’d like to return my tablets. And kids.

    In fact, no, I’ll keep the tablets, because I’m hungry as it took us 20 mins to get back from McDonalds.

    Can I suggest you make different flavour tablets because then people would eat more and you’d sell more. Duh.

    I did business studies at college. I cam draw a chart that shows how one thing goes up when another thing does too.


    Danni. 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🐈🐈🐈🐁🐁

  20. Wanted to order the free trial only and pay postage – most confusing website as many other products came up I did not want – no option to say no thanks and writing very small and grey. Found I was being charged a great deal of money for products I had no option to say no to. Have spoken to a lady phone and she explained that you have to pay a large amount of money monthly. This is a dreadful website and meant to confuse. I have requested money which they have agreed to and just and see. DO NOT ORDER11

  21. Please can you cancel my order

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