Should you sign up for BioTrim Premier?

Should you sign up for BioTrim Premier?

BioTrim Labs have recently announced a benefits program that will enable you to save money on their dietary supplements, 40% off to be exact.

How does this benefits program work and is it recommended? Remember this is the same company that offers many of its supplements as trial offers that subsequently turn out to be auto-ship programs.

Lets look at what is offered by this benefits program and whether we think it is worth signing up to.

What is offered by BioTrim Premier?

BioTrim Premier is claimed to offer its members incredible savings and advantages that include:

  • 40% off retail price for all supplements
  • Free samples of new products
  • Access to their ‘health vault’ — health tips, diet, fitness and health news
  • A monthly newsletter with special offers

All this for $9.95 a month, so what is the catch?

The good points

Well, for a start 40% off sound like a good deal as you can make some huge savings.

For example, the listed retail price for Pure Life Cleanse is $99, however after signing up for BioTrim Premier you will be able to buy it for $59.

Also, diet and fitness tips are always a welcome read, as often great bits of information can be found.

The bad points

Although you are making a 40% saving the cost of the supplement is too high to begin with so even with the discount you are still overpaying for the supplement.

You must remember that you are also paying $9.95 every month for the privilege of getting this discount so you must add this to the purchase price too.

So, $59 for Pure Life Cleanse actually becomes $68.95, which is too much to be paying.

I am also wary about these ‘free samples’, I suspect that you will have the opportunity to sample them by paying a small postage fee, however like so many other trial products that we have reviewed in the past after a certain time frame you will be charged the full purchase price.

Our conclusion

In our opinion BioTrim Premier does not seem good value for money. The supplements are overpriced and I suspect you may regret signing up to sample their products.

My suggestion if you want to try a supplement would be to visit the Evolution Slimming website, they may not have any trial offers but their supplements are more affordable than BioTrim Premier even with the discount.

Just remember to lose weight you should rely solely on the use of supplements, healthy eating and regular exercise are still the most effective methods.

Click here to visit Evolution Slimming

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