New Bitter Plant Substance Could Help With Weight Loss

New Bitter Plant Substance Could Help With Weight Loss

Researchers in New Zealand have discovered that a new plant substance could help with your weight loss efforts.

This substance is called Amarasate, which produces a bitter-tasting chemical that will cause you to feel full.

While the source of this substance has not yet been revealed the scientists behind the study have stated that they believe the product will be available to buy within 3 years.

What research was undertaken?

The researchers tested 900 different plant species as they believe that the bitter taste will prompt a reaction in humans based on our prehistoric ancestors, which would prevent us from eating poisonous plants and animals.

When consumed the newly discovered plant substance will cause a reaction in your stomach and your digestive system, which will in turn cause the release of 3 appetite hormones ( CCK, GLP-1 and PYY).

In the study 19 healthy men were give either the substance or a placebo. They were then asked to eat an all-you-can-eat mean, which will then be followed by further snacks just 2 hours later.

What were the results of the study?

The team of researchers found that those men who had consumed the substance had not felt any fuller, but had consumed much less (220 fewer calories) than those who had consumed the placebo.

Unfortunately there did seem to be side effects associated with the use of this substance, with 2 of the men experiencing nausea.

What plans for the future?

While these side effects were unfortunate they were not deemed severe enough to cancel any further research into this substance.

Currently the researchers in New Zealand are looking to see what the optimal dosage is, so that they can start preparing the product for mass production.

Only time will tell whether this substance ever see the light of day for the general public, but the initial finding are obviously promising.

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