7 Tricks to Boost Motivation to Lose Weight

7 Tricks to Boost Motivation to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight then there are various things that you need to do, of course diet and exercise are two of the main things but what if you are not seeing the results you would expect?

Would a lack of weight loss success lead you to quit your efforts entirely?

If this sounds like something that would happen to you then you need to find a way to keep yourself motivated.

Luckily this article has various methods that you can use to boost motivation to lose weight, read on to learn some of these methods for yourself.

#1: Get some support from a friend

Losing weight can be hard, and doing it alone can make it seem like a lonely journey.

This is why I would suggest finding a friend who is willing to go through the process with you.

Not only will they be able to offer you support when needed, but they can also offer a little friendly competition too.

Research has shown that those who lose weight with support are more likely to succeed. Of course this will depend on whether you are both as committed to your end goal as possible.

#2: Keep a weight loss diary

Another way to remain motivated would be to keep a weight loss diary.

If you keep it updated then you can look back to see your progress, if you have taken photos along the way then this can also serve as a physical reminder of just how far you have come.

I would also suggest using this weight loss diary to write down what your are eating, as well as your activity levels.

Doing so will allow you to look back over the week to see if any changes are needed. This is especially useful if you have not seen the results you had expected.

#3: Surround yourself with supportive people

If your family and friends are not supportive of your decision to lose weight then chances are you are not going to see the results you would like.

One option for you if you are not getting the support you need at home would be to join a slimming club such as Weight Watchers or Slimming World. They will be full of people who are going through the same journey.

#4: Remind yourself why you want to lose weight

Is it for health reasons, or perhaps just for an upcoming holiday. Whatever the reason why you wish to lose weight it is always worth reminding yourself.

Perhaps leave yourself a note on your fridge why you wish to lose weight, then every time you pass it you can read the note and be reminded.

#5: Use rewards

If you have set yourself weight loss goals, each time you reach this goal you should reward yourself.

Tips for Weight LossOf course these rewards should not be in the form of food, but perhaps a trip to the spa or a visit to the cinema.

These rewards will certainly help motivate you towards your next goal.

#6: Accept those compliments

As you lose weight no doubt you will start to hear people commenting on how much weight you have lost.

Well, I would suggest you make a mental note of these compliments and use them as motivation.

You have worked hard to see these changes, so hearing those kind words will be a good reward.

#7: Set yourself achievable goals

No doubt you have a figure in mind that you wish to achieve when it comes to weight loss.

If it is more than a couple of pounds then I would suggest that you break the figure down into smaller more achievable goals.

For example if you wish to lose 20 pounds, set yourself a few 5 pound goals.

These smaller goals will be easier to achieve, but will soon mount up towards the main goal weight.

When looking at a large number you may find that it becomes more daunting, and you may find that it will leave you feeling as though it will be impossible to achieve.


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