4 Ways to Boost your Metabolism in the Morning

4 Ways to Boost your Metabolism in the Morning

If you want to lose weight, perhaps for health reasons or perhaps just to give yourself a confidence boost then you may already know how important your metabolism is.

Well, if you didn’t let me tell you that your metabolism (or metabolic rate) is what helps your body to break down food for energy.

Basically the higher your metabolism, the more calories you will be burning and the higher your energy levels will be.

Some of us are lucky to have naturally high metabolic rates, while others may find that theirs is often sluggish. It is an unfortunate fact that those with a slow metabolism are more likely to gain weight.

So, is there anyway to boost your metabolism? Well, certainly there are a number of methods. However in this article we will discuss ways that you can boost your metabolism in the morning, which will hopefully give yourself a good chance of reaching your weight loss goals.

Method #1: Wake up with a bottle of water

A German study has found that if you drink around 17 oz of water immediately after you wake you will be able to boost your metabolic rate by as much as 30%, with your metabolism staying at this raised level for around an hour.

This may only burn a few extra calories daily, but if you are serious about losing weight then these little successes can soon add up.

Weight loss is not the only benefit you can experience from drinking more water either. It can also help:

  • Remove toxins from your body
  • Clear your skin
  • Keep your muscles energised

Method #2: Eat a breakfast full of protein and fibre

Fibre and protein have both been shown to fill you up and keep you full for a long time.

They are also harder for your body to digest, so your body will ultimately burn more calories trying to break them down.

Finally, unlike refined carbs and sugar that when eaten cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, eating a breakfast rich in protein and fibre does not cause this spike, so there is no fall in blood sugar either.

This means that there will be fewer cravings too.

Method #3: Stop skipping breakfast

You may believe that skipping breakfast is a good idea as you will be ‘saving calories’, but the truth is that this is a mistake.

Eating breakfastWhat ultimately happens to those who skip breakfast is that they will experience hunger cravings mid-morning, which will result in them buying an unhealthy snack when out and about.

Method #4: Exercise in the morning

There have been studies that have shown that early morning exercise can help to give an initial metabolism boost that can last for up to 14 hours.

The key to increasing your metabolism through exercise is to perform it as intensely as possible.

Therefore you wont just experience the benefits during the workout but also for a considerable time afterwards.

I would suggest that you do not focus purely on cardio when working out either.

Research has also shown that weight training can also help boost the metabolism further as it helps to build muscle (that burns more calories than fat when at rest).

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  1. Thank you for these suggestion….WILL TRY THEM

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