3 things to do for Breakfast for Weight Loss

3 things to do for Breakfast for Weight Loss

You will often hear people say how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, this is true for a lot of instances. In particular if you want to lose weight or wish to stay slim.

This does not mean that you should eat anything for breakfast; those high-sugar cereals and that fried breakfast are certainly out.

However, if you want to give yourself an instant energy boost and to keep those cravings at bay until noon then read on to discover 3 things you must do to make the most of your breakfast.

#1: Eat it right away

If you want to experience the metabolism boosting benefits of breakfast then you need to eat it as soon as possible, which means not leaving it for an hour before eating, and certainly not skipping breakfast altogether.

If you skip breakfast you may believe that the lack of calories will help with your weight loss efforts.

Unfortunately this is unlikely as mid-morning you will likely become hungry and in need of a snack.

This will likely be something high-fat, high-sugar or high-calorie that will not be of benefit to your waistline.

#2: Make sure it contains plenty of protein

Protein is the perfect food type for breakfast as it is slow to digest, so will therefore stay in your system longer warding off any hunger cravings. It can also boost energy levels.

Eggs for breakfastA good source of protein is eggs, just make sure to prepare them healthily, for sure stay clear of frying them or adding extra salt, etc.

One particular study has shown that women who ate eggs for breakfast lost twice as much weight as those who ate bagels for breakfast.

#3: Add a banana

If you are serious about your weight loss goals then adding a banana to some oatmeal can go some way to helping you to achieving them.

Bananas are high in RS (Resistant Starch) that helps to keep you full while also helping to burn more calories than normal. It can do this as it forces your body to burn fat for energy.

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