5 Signs Your Breakfast is Making You Fat

5 Signs Your Breakfast is Making You Fat

You have probably heard time and again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It will after-all set you up for the day ahead.

Yet, sometimes if you make the wrong breakfast choices you would probably be better off skipping breakfast entirely.

Read on to discover what breakfast mistakes many of you make, that could potentially be making you fat.

#1: Choosing a salad or a detox smoothie

These are a fad that do not provide lasting benefits.

Even if the product you have chosen does detoxify your body, it is only doing the work your own kidneys and liver will already do.

Instead of choosing a product like this try to avoid the processed junk food that cause these toxins in the first place.

#2: It is low in protein

Protein is an essential component for anyone looking to lose weight or improve their overall health.

It is especially important for those of you who workout regularly. This is because the protein can help your body and muscles to repair themselves.

I would recommend aiming to consume around 30 grams of protein each breakfast.

#3: You are consuming too much fruit

Of course fruit is a good and healthy option, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Fruit is full of sugar or fructose, and too much sugar will cause blood sugar spikes. Unfortunately as sugar is burnt quickly these levels will crash, resulting in further cravings for sugar.

Luckily fruit contains fibre, which can help curb your appetite, which is why if you do choose to eat fruit for breakfast you should opt for fresh fruits rather than juice.

Fruit juice has had the fibre removed, so you are in effect drinking almost pure sugar.

#4: It contains too many carbs

Yes, your body needs carbs, especially first thing in the morning when your energy levels are particularly low.

However, eating too many carbs will leave you feeling sluggish and will likely lead to weight gain too.

I would recommend trying to limit your carb intake at breakfast to just 30 grams.

#5: It is processed junk

It is an unfortunate fact that most of these cereals you find in the local supermarket are processed junk that offer very little nutritional content.

Many are full of added sugars, preservatives and other additives that are best avoided.

I would recommend that you always spend a little time reading the product label, so that you know exactly what they contain.

Final words of advice

Remember breakfast is just one meal of the day, the above tips will help ensure that this one meal is a little healthier, but don’t forget the other mealtimes too.

If you want to lose weight then opting for healthy ‘whole’ foods are a good idea.

These are foods such as vegetables that are naturally low in calories, but are full of the nutrients your body requires for good health.

To lose weight what you drink is important too, so cut back on the soft drinks and opt for water instead.

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