Take a Hot Bath or Sauna and Burn 140 Calories Per Hour

Take a Hot Bath or Sauna and Burn 140 Calories Per Hour

If you want to lose weight then you need to be burning more calories than you consume.

Of course diet and exercise should be the first things you look at, but a new study has suggested that there maybe another way to burn off those pesky calories.

According to a study published in the journal Temperature, lead author Steve Faulkner, Ph.D. has suggested that a hot bath could help burn calories.

How many calories can be burnt with a hot bath?

In the study Dr. Faulkner looked at 14 men, who each managed to burn approximately 140 calories per hour just from bathing in hot water.

While this is not a lot of calories burnt, if you have the time to incorporate a hot bath into your daily routine then surely these calories burnt will add up to a significant number over time.

Even a 30-minute bath could result in 70 calories burnt every day.

What other benefits were noted?

Calorie burning was not the only benefit either, as it was shown that the peak blood sugar levels of the study participants was also lowered by 10%.

By helping to control blood sugar levels, you will not suffer so many blood sugar highs and subsequent crashes that will cause further food cravings. This will also help your weight loss efforts.

In conclusion

While this study does show the calorie burning benefits of a hot bath, this will not be a suitable replacement for either a healthy diet or regular exercise.

To lose weight and keep it off long term you will certainly need to look at what you are eating first, cutting out the junk food and replacing them with healthier ‘whole’ foods.

These are foods that have been minimally processed so are naturally low in calories, but full of nutrients your body needs.

As for exercise, a half hour walk or run will burn more calories than a hot bath, but used alongside both could help speed up your weight loss efforts.

Surely it is worth a try, what have you got to lose?

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