Burn Calories at Home with the Housework Workout

Burn Calories at Home with the Housework Workout

Are you too busy to workout? Well, if you want to achieve your weight loss goals then you need to find a way to burn off those unused calories before they are stored as fat.

It is recommended that we perform 150 to 175 minutes of moderate cardio exercise every week, but many of us fail to achieve this. However there is a way that we can incorporate exercise into an activity that many of us perform plenty of, housework.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Studies have shown that the average UK resident will spend 143 minutes every week cleaning the house, so it makes sense to try and use this time to burn off a few extra calories.

Of course just doing the housework itself will burn calories, but you can increase the calories burn by using the household chores as inspiration for a workout.

Below you will find an example of some of the exercises you can do in your own home:

How many calories could you burn?

Just doing the housework could burn up to 250 calories, depending on how hard you work. So incorporating a few different exercises will certainly increase the amount of calories burnt.

Remember that general housework will involve a range of different movements including:

  • Walking
  • Stretching
  • Bending
  • Lifting

Ways to Burn Calories with Housework

Here are a few ideas that will help you to burn extra calories while doing the housework:

#1: Don’t waste time

Instead of waiting around for the microwave to ping or the kettle to boil, do a few squats or push ups while you wait.

#2: Be manual

These days we have a lot of machines doing the housework for us.

For example, try cutting your vegetables by hand instead of using a food processor, or wash the dishes by hand instead of using the dish washer.

#3: Make use of those stairs

If you want to tone your butt then you need to make sure you are climbing those stairs as much as possible.

Try to schedule your chores accordingly so that you are going up and down the stairs often.

#4: Stretch when possible

When putting away the groceries or when you are shopping, make sure to reach for the furthest package possible, rather than reach for the one closest.

How to increase the intensity of your Housework Workout?

The following tips will help you make the most your time:

#1: Set a timer

Burn caloriesI would recommend around 30 minutes of cardio daily, so if you set a timer before you begin your chores you know you only have this set amount of time to complete your work.

This will tell you that you do not have time to stop and watch TV between chores.

#2: Put on some energising music

Doing so will help you to put more effort into your housework, enabling you to sweep and clean faster.

The music will distract you and will boost your mood too.

#3: Dress for the part

Certain chores require certain types of clothing.

If you are going to workout in a gym you are not likely to go in a business suit are you?

Final thoughts

You do not need an expensive gym membership to workout as the chores you do at home if performed with intensity can be a great way to burn calories.

Just remember that exercise is just one half of your weight loss efforts. You also need to look at what you are eating to start seeing some serious results.

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