Burn Fat Drinking Red Wine

Burn Fat Drinking Red Wine

In a study published in the January issue of the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry it has been revealed that drinking red wine could help to burn fat, which will obviously have a positive impact on those of us who struggle with their weight.

It has been discovered that within the grapes that make the wine is a chemical known as ellagic acid that can cause a dramatic reduction in the speed that fat cells are grown, with an increase in the speed that fatty acids in the liver are metabolised.

What did the study involve?

During the study mice were given either a diet with 10% fat or 60% fat; the sort of diet that would normally cause weight gain in humans.

Over the course of the 10 week trial, some of the mice were given grape extract.

Professor Neil Shay, a biochemist and molecular biologist in Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences stated:

“Our mice like that high-fat diet and they over-consume it, so they’re a good model for the sedentary person who eats too much snack food and doesn’t get enough exercise.”

“The high-fat-fed mice developed fatty liver and diabetic symptoms, the same metabolic consequences we see in many overweight, sedentary people.”

What were the results?

While those mice that were given the grape extract accumulated less fat in their livers and had lower blood sugar levels, there was little change in their body weight.

Professor Neil Shay had this to say about the results:

“Ellagic acid proved to be a powerhouse in this experiment, too, lowering the high-fat-fed mice’s blood sugar to nearly the levels of the lean, normally fed mice.”

“We didn’t find, and we didn’t expect to, that these compounds would improve body weight.”

“We are trying to validate the specific contributions of certain foods for health benefits.”

“If you’re out food shopping, and if you know a certain kind of fruit is good for a health condition you have, wouldn’t you want to buy that fruit?”

While these results are certainly promising it is important that you realise that red wine should be consumed in moderation and that unfortunately ellagic acid is not a miracle solution to obesity.

To lose weight and keep it off long term then you will need to change your lifestyle habits, cut back on the junk, start eating healthier and get more exercise. It really is as simple as that.

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