5 Fun Methods to Help Burn Off Calories at the Beach

5 Fun Methods to Help Burn Off Calories at the Beach

With summer fast approaching you maybe starting to worry about becoming “beach body ready”, but fear not, even if you have not quite reached your goal you can still burn off calories at the beach.

Please read on to discover what methods you can use.

#1: Build a sandcastle

If you have kids then building a sandcastle is not only fun, but a great way to burn calories too.

Digging into the sand a good workout, and if you build the sandcastle away from the water you will have to make multiple trips to fill the moat.

To give a more intense workout you could even try bicep curling the full buckets on the way too.

#2: Play with a frisbee

This is a fun activity you can do with your kids or friends at the beach.

By running and jumping to catch the frisbee you can burn plenty of calories doing this activity. You can also improve your hand-eye coordination.

#3: Jumping waves

To cool off from your time in the sun you should try to spend a little time in the water too, which is where our next suggestion will help burn calories.

By jumping the waves you can have fun while working the muscles of your lower body.

If you go a little deeper into the water you can jog in the water between waves too.

#4: Walk or jog on the beach

The loose sand on the beach will challenge your balance and cause you to engage your muscle fibres more than usual.

This means that walking or jogging on the beach will be a more intense workout than if you performed the same on a flat service.

#5: Beach volleyball

No doubt there will be some people playing this game, and no doubt they wouldn’t mind an extra player.

Not only will you be running around on the sand (tip #4) but will be using your upper body when striking the ball.

These games can quickly become competitive so you may not even realise how hard you have worked, and how many extra calories you have burnt.

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