Can you lose weight with the Cake Cleanse?

Can you lose weight with the Cake Cleanse?

If you are trying to lose weight then no doubt you have come to the conclusion that your favourite cakes are a no-go when it comes to a healthy diet.

Well, a new diet plan has claimed that you can still lose weight while continuing to eat cake.

This diet plan is called the Cake Cleanse and it has been devised by Sydney foodie Deborah Schipper.

How does the Cake Cleanse work though and could it really work as claimed?

Why was the Cake Cleanse created?

“I had a number of really serious health issues including extreme eczema, dermatitis and debilitating insomnia, and it just spiralled from there.”

However, after trying numerous diets and cleanses, Ms Schipper decided that she would have to try something completely new.

“I love sweets and I knew I could never give them up – life is there to enjoy food and I wanted to enjoy food but didn’t want to give up the foods that I loved.”

What is the Cake Cleanse?

The Cake Cleanse is a 4 week program and recipe book that allows you to eat all of your favourite desserts as part of your daily meal plan.

“It’s all about a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner but it’s also about bad foods turned good – so it has things like pancakes as well that are actually really good for you.”

Cake CleanseThe reason why these desserts are healthier than normal is that there are hidden vegetables and nutrients added to each recipe.

Does the Cake Cleanse work?

The creator of the diet has some good things to say about her own diet, for example her skin conditions and insomnia have drastically improved, while certain recipes could also help curb your appetite and cravings.

“You can have cake for breakfast and be healthy. With the mug cakes you can have them in the morning for breakfast and you are full until lunch time.”

The recipes are full of hidden vegetables, so perhaps you can experience the health benefits with the flavours of some of your favourite desserts.

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  1. Hi i’m three weeks into the Cake Cleanse now and have lost 10lbs. There are just the right amount of sweet treats and cakes in the program to eliminate cravings which has always lead to diet failure in the past for me. There are easy to make savory meals also. Blake

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