Calorie Burning Exercises for Women

Calorie Burning Exercises for Women

When it comes to training rigorously to achieve those fitness goals, it is no secret that women have naturally slower metabolisms than men, although this does not mean that women are out performed when it comes to physical fitness.

If you’re starting on any new fitness regime, it’s important to take note of the fundamental yet vital forms of cardio in which you should be training, and as such, these crucial cardiovascular exercises are an absolute necessity when it comes to burning fat and achieving those goals.

Calorie burning exercise #1: Cycling

Not only does cycling boast a tremendous amount of health benefits from toning your hips, legs and glutes to elevating your heart right sufficiently enough to maximise fat burning potential, going out cycling improved your fitness due to the high physical toll that it takes.

Calorie burning exercise #2: Swimming

For many, swimming is the preferred method of cardiovascular activity, and with the effortless pressure against your muscles as you contract and the ability to burn up to 800 calories per hour depending on how vigorous and intense your workout it.

It’s easy to see why swimming is the go to choice for cardio amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

Calorie burning exercise #3: Aerobic exercises

When you’re deciding on which routine to implement in to your fitness plan, it can be daunting deciding on a rigorous yet enjoyable form of cardio that will allow you to reach your full physical potential, luckily enough Aerobic exercises hits both of these requirements.

Aerobics, just like other features on this list, is a brilliant form of methodical exercise that can be completely tailored to each person, and can ultimately aid you in toning your glutes, arms, legs and hips.

Calorie burning exercise #4: Dancing

Calorie burning exerciseNot only is dancing a brilliant form of exercise providing an overabundance of health benefits, it is also a highly enjoyable activity.

Similar to cycling and swimming, Dancing can burn a substantial amount of calories depending on the intensity of your routine, and due to the increase of moment and improvement to flexibility, dancing continues to be a well favoured and hugely effective way of getting a cardio workout.

Calorie burning exercise #5: Running

The most commonly referred exercise to help shift unwanted fat and tone fundamental muscle groups as well as dramatically improve flexibility, running is a fool proof way to shed those extra pounds and to achieve those desired physical fitness levels.

With running coming as second nature to many sports enthusiasts, it is often spoken of highly when it comes to the overall benefits that it provided the body of amateurs and professionals alike, such as elevating heart rate and delivering a total body tonal workout.

Despite this, the most important thing in any weight loss regime is to identify what workout works best for us and implement that into our routines in order to maximise the health benefits that come with intense cardiovascular activity.

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