How can your baby aid weight loss

How can your baby aid weight loss

Most women experience weight gain during pregnancy, which unfortunately is hard to shift once your baby is born.

This can be difficult to cope with and can lead to depression and future body hang ups. However did you know that your baby could in fact help you to lose weight?

Here are some simple ways in which your baby can aid your weight loss efforts:

Tip #1 – Think about how you hold your baby

If you want to burn calories then you can start by thinking about how you are holding your baby.

Most mothers hold their child to one side, therefore causing your hip to stick out that little bit. However this is no good for your posture or your stomach muscles.

Instead your should try to hold your baby directly in front of yourself, while keeping your stomach tense with a straight back.

This simple act will give your stomach muscles a good workout.

Tip #2 – Workout in front of your baby

A common excuse many new mothers make for not working out is that they have not got the time as they are looking after their little one.

However there is no reason why you cannot workout in front of your baby.

You could put your child in a bouncer while you perform sit ups or crunches. This could be a fun game for you both as every time you raise your head you could pull a silly face.

Another exercise you could perform is to place your baby on your shins, then lifting your legs up and down. You must ensure to hold onto their hands or arms when performing this exercise.

Don’t forget your diet

It can be tempting to raid the cupboard every 5 minutes when you are home with your baby, yet this will not result in the weight loss you so desperately crave.

You should try your best to resist these urges to eat junk food, remember obesity raises the risk of a premature death.

Instead you should try to eat a diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables and plenty of lean protein.

Protein can help to keep your food cravings to a minimum while keeping your energy levels high.

Water is also an important aspect of any weight loss journey as they can help to flush out those toxins that prevent weight loss. Plus as another benefit your skin and hair will never look so good.

Finally if you set a goal for yourself you should not quit until you reach that goal. With regular exercise, even just 20-30 minutes a day with a healthy diet and you will soon be slimmer and healthier ready for a lifetime with your newborn.

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