Can CLA burn fat?

Can CLA burn fat?

With obesity levels on the rise it is now time that you took control of your weight issues to avoid the health problems associated with obesity.

Obviously diet and exercise is a good start, but maybe there is something else that you can do to produce faster results.

Maybe you could try using a CLA supplement for example, as it is claimed that increasing your daily intake could help burn fat, while offering various other health benefits.

Let us look at this in more detail to see if it is a weight loss miracle.

What is CLA?

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid that is found in dairy products such as milk and cheese, along with various meats and processed food.

There is growing evidence that CLA can aid your own weight loss efforts as it has been shown to burn fat.

How does CLA burn fat?

CLA works as it interacts with an enzyme found within your body called lipoprotein lipase.

It is this enzyme that helps your body to break down fatty acids, which in simple terms means that is helps with the fat burning process.

Other health benefits of CLA

Along with its fat burning benefits, it has also been shown to offer the following health benefits:

  • Fight Cancer
  • Fight Cardiovascular Disease
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Prevent Osteoporosis
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Fight infection and allergic reactions
  • Build lean muscle

Is CLA proven?

There have been various studies undertaken on the benefits of CLA on humans.

In one 12 week study it was shown that taking 3.4 grams of CLA could significantly reduce both body fat and the diameter of your waistline.

It is worth noting that in this particular study no weight was lost, although this could be due to the increased lean muscle mass gained by the subjects.

CLA in the media

The most prominent appearance by CLA in the media was its appearance on the ever popular Dr Oz Show.

Originally aired in 2011, it was shown to be a good fat that could be your secret weapon against Cancer, heart disease and weight gain.

To view the episode yourself please click the following link.

CLA featured on Dr Oz Show

Are there any side effects associated with CLA?

Although considered safe to use there is a risk that taking CLA if you have diabetes may make your condition worse.

How to include CLA in your diet?

You may or may not already know this but CLA is already present in your diet as it is found in many different food types including milk and meats.

Unfortunately, the levels of CLA found in food is quite low so will have very little affect on the fat that you can burn.

CLA 1000mgFor this reason if you are interested in CLA for fat burning then you will need to use a supplement.

Where to buy CLA?

If you are interested in buying a CLA supplement there is one that is highly recommended.

Evolution Slimming are currently selling a supplement that contains 1000 mg of CLA per capsule.

This supplement is incredibly cost effective at just £6.99 ($11) for a months supply.

Plus with every order you will get free delivery within the UK, a 7 day diet plan and a 30 day guarantee.

Click here to buy CLA 1000mg today!

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