How can diet pills affect pregnancy?

How can diet pills affect pregnancy?

Women tend to be more self conscious about their weight than men, no more so than when they are pregnant.

However, with your baby growing inside you perhaps now is not the best time to start worrying about losing weight. Especially not through the use of a diet pill.

There is a reason why you will find a label on the back of most diet pill forbidding the use of them if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Lets look at how diet pills can affect pregnancy:

Could a diet pill prevent pregnancy?

If you are overweight and struggling to conceive then one of the first suggestions your doctor will make is to lose weight.

Obviously a healthy diet with regular exercise is preferred but there should not be any harm using a diet pill BEFORE you get pregnant.

Always read reviews before you buy them though and always check that the ingredients used are effective and safe.

Once you finally get lucky then it will be time to put those diet pills in a draw somewhere, at least until the baby is born (that is if you are not going to breastfeed).

Could a diet pill affect a pregnancy test?

At the present time there is no proof either way that a diet pill can affect a pregnancy test.

Could using a diet pill increase pregnancy risks?

Using a diet pill during pregnancy can raise the risk of your unborn child developing different health conditions or even birth defects.

As with smoking and drinking, using a diet pill while pregnant is not recommended under any circumstances.

Could a diet pill affect the course of your pregnancy?

There are numerous risks to your baby if you choose to use a diet pill while pregnant. For example if the diet pill contains high doses of Caffeine then your unborn child will be more likely to be born underweight or addicted to Caffeine.

Too much Caffeine can also increase the risk of miscarriage.

In conclusion

There are many reasons why you should not even contemplate using a diet pill while pregnant.

If you are really concerned that you are gaining too much weight during your pregnancy then it would be a better idea to look at what you are eating.

Even though the old saying is that you are eating for two, you do not have to take it literally.

2 comments on "How can diet pills affect pregnancy?"
  1. I have been taking 1 capsule a day for two weeks of Garcinia Cambogia raspberry ketone yesterday I found out I am 7 half weeks pregnant. Please may I have some advise please

    • I would recommend that you stop using any dietary supplement if you are pregnant. It is also recommended that you don’t use them once the child is born too, until you stop breastfeeding at least. 🙂

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