Can eating McDonalds aid weight loss?

Can eating McDonalds aid weight loss?

Back in 2004 there was an Oscar nominated film released called ‘Super Size Me’ starring Morgan Spurlock who ate only food from McDonald’s for a month (gaining 24.5lbs in the process).

Although he gained weight and his overall health suffered recently the CEO of McDonald’s themselves, Don Thompson claims that you can eat his companies junk food every day yet still lose weight.

Over the past year Don has lost 20lbs without changing his unhealthy eating habit of a McDonald’s a day.

He has however increased his activity levels by, in his own words, getting his “butt up” and “working out again”.

Do, who has only been the CEO for around a year was responding to a question about how his company was adapting to the growing obesity concerns across the globe.

Despite his claims there are few that would recommend this type of diet long term, even if there are some healthier options on the menu.

Salad in McDonalds?

One of the more healthy food choices is the salad but sales of this particular item are incredibly small with it only comprising of 2-3% of total sales.

There is little doubt that most sales are from more unhealthy options such as the Big Mac or the fries.

Me and Mickey D’s

Following the 2004 release of Super Size Me another independent film producer, Soso Whaley also created a movie entitled ‘Me and Mickey D’s’ where she too ate at McDonald’s yet lost weight.

Over a 90 day period she lost 30lbs though unlike Morgan Spurlock’s documentary she allowed herself to exercise and would also stop herself from clearing her plate if she was full.

You can watch her documentary below:

What can be done about this obesity epidemic?

Although some companies are trying to raise awareness, such as Coca-Cola Co trying to highlight their healthier low-calorie drinks they are all ultimately all trying to make money regardless of what it does to our health.

If you really want to make changes then you have to do them yourself.

You cannot expect to eat junk food everyday and expect to lose weight and keep it off long term.

The only way to lose this weight is to change your lifestyle, make healthier food choices and get regular exercise.

No one is saying that you can never treat yourself to a McDonald’s occasionally but once you start going 2-3 times a week then you need to start looking in the mirror.

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