How can you stop emotional eating?

How can you stop emotional eating?

If you have tried and failed to lose weight through dieting in the past perhaps it was due to emotional eating?

Emotional eating can be caused by both positive and negative events but the end result is always the same, an inability to control what you are eating.

Even if this moment only last a minute, your diet could be put in jeopardy. Especially once the guilt kicks in, which can lead to a cycle of bingeing and weight gain.

Let us look at some ways that you put a stop to emotional eating once and for all:

Stop emotional eating through support groups

The first step to stopping emotional eating is to get support from those in a similar position as yourself.

Emotional eating is an extremely common issue amongst dieters so finding someone to talk to about it is important.

Stop emotional eating by writing a journal

If you are able to write down your feeling and emotions in a journal or diary you will be better able to understand what is causing this emotional eating.

This tip can be used in conjunction with a support group as you may not be able to talk about your issue so this will enable someone to read and comment on the problem.

Stop emotional eating with exercise

Exercise can help improve your mood in the same way that chocolate does, but will actually aid your weight loss efforts.

Stop emotional eating by watching what you eat

If you are feeling emotional it is best that you avoid shopping for groceries as you will be more likely to reach for the junk food.

Before you go shopping write a list of healthy foods that you want to buy and try your best to avoid those impulse buys.

Is it possible to stop emotional eating?

It is certainly possible to reduce emotional eating, even if your emotions are still there you cannot let them ruin all the good work you have already done.

Once you learnt to control your emotions dieting and weight loss will become much easier to achieve.

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  1. I just got in a car accident on Tuesday the 15. And before I got in this accident. I was in a low cardio work out for 3 Weeks because my iron was really low. (doctors note) and so I’ve been emotional for two Weeks now and i am just eating. :/ I am a boxer so imagine the stress. I worked so hard and now I got in a accident. I’m fucking with myself and cheating on myself in wanting to eat better. But that is all I can think of. Eating. And I feel okay with it. Idk what to do… I feel like i am losing it….

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