Can you be Fat and Fit? Study reveals all

Can you be Fat and Fit? Study reveals all

It has long been debated whether it is possible to be both fat and fat, but a new study has discovered the answer.

According to the study undertaken at the University of Birmingham, it has been found that even ‘metabolically healthy’ people with excess weight are at a higher risk of encountering health problems when compared to those of a healthy weight.

The researchers looked at over 3.5 million adults in the UK over the course of 2 decades, looking at the increased likelihood of heart disease and stroke.

They discovered that overweight adults were at a 50% higher risk of encountering coronary heart disease when compared to those who had a normal weight.

There was also a 7% increased risk of stroke and the risk of heart failure was double that of a person with a normal weight.

Lead researcher Dr Rishi Caleyachetty had this to say about the results:

“Metabolically healthy obese individuals are at higher risk of coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and heart failure than normal weight metabolically healthy individuals.”

“The priority of health professionals should be to promote and facilitate weight loss among obese persons, regardless of the presence or absence of metabolic abnormalities.”

What can you do to reduce the health risks?

Of course losing weight will reduce the health risks, but research has also found that regular exercise is helpful too.

In a study at the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam it was found that regular exercise could help reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke, even if you are overweight.

This study found that those at the highest risk of heart attack or stroke were those that were both overweight and inactive, with these individuals a third more likely to suffer these problems.

It therefore makes sense that if you want to be as healthy as possible a lifestyle change that involves weight loss and regular exercise is the best course of action.

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