Can you sniff yourself slim using a diet perfume?

Can you sniff yourself slim using a diet perfume?

If you are looking to slim for the summer or for health reasons then diet and exercise are the usual methods used. Now there may be another option in the form of a Diet Slimming Perfume.

The manufacturers claim that in just 5 sniffs your appetite will be reduced thanks to its fragrance of seaweed, citrus and other weight loss herbs.

Not the first diet perfume

Now slimming perfumes are not a new invention as in 2012 another company, ‘Prends Moi’ also released a perfume made from caffeine, carnitine and spirulina that was claimed to help with your weight issues.

They even trialled their formula on women between the ages of 18-70 years old, who were not currently dieting. The results showed that around three quarters noticed that the perfume reduced their urge to snack.

The Diet Slimming Perfume may have a different combination of ingredients yet makes the same claim, but also claim to improve your mood while boosting your metabolism.

Doubts around the diet perfume

Despite the claims and the successful trial of the other diet perfume there are obviously going to be those with doubts, not surprisingly due to this being such a new addition to the weight loss market.

Jéan LK of Timed-Fitness London for example stated that:

“Appetite suppressants have been a popular weight loss tool for years in a pill form but this is the first I have seen as a perfume.

Although stopping yourself feeling hungry and boosting your metabolism would result in weight loss, the key to sustainable weight loss is adopting a healthy life style through good nutrition and exercise.

Though the ingredients may have the effect of suppressing hunger I don’t think this is a viable solution.”

Perhaps once more scientific research has been undertaken the sales of this £24.99 fragrance will really take off. Until then it is perhaps best to stick to the more traditional methods of losing weight.

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