Why can’t I lose fat?

Why can’t I lose fat?

If you are exercising regularly and eating healthily but are still unable to lose fat maybe there is a reason for it.

Below you will find some reasons why you can’t lose fat:

#1: Cardio, cardio, cardio

While cardio is helpful, it is not the only exercise you should be doing.

Instead of traditional cardio where you spend hour upon hour on the treadmill, try doing some interval training instead.

Interval training or HIT (High Intensity Training) will burn a lot more calories and ultimately will be better for your weight loss goals.

You will also find that weight training is also great for fat loss. Not only during the actual workout but for the 24 hours immediately after the workout too.

Weight training will also help increase muscle mass, which will in turn enable your body to burn more calories even while resting. It has been shown that muscle burns more calories than fat.

#2: You are cheating

The occasional treat or ‘cheat’ wont affect your fat loss efforts too much. However if you are cheating too often or choosing the wrong foods to cheat with then it can become an issue.

When choosing treats those full of carbs are best, while those full of fat are best avoided.

#3: Not enough protein in your diet

Protein is incredibly important for fat loss as it takes more calories to digest it than other nutrients such as fat.

It also helps to keep you full and is used by your body to maintain and build muscle, which as we have already discussed is useful for burning extra calories.

#4: You are feeling stressed

If you lead a stressful life with a busy work-life or other stresses then you may find that your body clings onto its fat.

This is due to the increased levels of cortisol produced by the body when you are suffering from stress.

To reduce stress you should use yoga, meditation or any other method you find relaxing.

#5: Not keeping track of your diet

To stay on track and make yourself accountable for your choices you should keep a food diary.

Write down what you eat and you will know exactly what you are eating and what affect it has on your body.

Doing so will enable you to make changes if necessary.

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