Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

So you are currently trying to lose weight, perhaps for health reasons or just to boost your confidence. Whatever the reason you have no doubt started to eat a little better and started to get a little more exercise.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason you are not seeing the results you would expect, but why?

So if you are asking yourself “why can’t I lose weight”, please read on. Perhaps you are making one of the following dieting mistakes.

#1: You think that starving yourself will work

This is a mistake that many of us have made when attempting to lose weight, but when you starve yourself or skip meals then you are unlikely to reach your weight loss goals.

The reason for this is that when you starve yourself your body will try desperately to cling onto its fat reserves, which means that your metabolic rate will slow.

While you may see weight loss to begin, it will soon stall along with your metabolism.

Once you start to eat normally again, as your metabolism is slow you will be unable to burn off those calories so the lost weight will return, probably with a little extra for good measure.

#2: Your portion sizes are wrong

No doubt you have seen those plates advertised online that split your foods into sections; for example 35% vegetables, 15% fruit and 50% healthy protein and carbs.

Well, even if you follow these guidelines you still need to ensure you are not overeating.

If you are overfilling your plate then you are likely to be overfilling your belly too.

Of course cutting your portion sizes can be difficult to achieve, but if you can gradually reduce it to a normal amount then you will surely start to see results.

#3: You think that a treat a day wont matter

We all need the occasional treat to ensure we do not fall off the wagon, but this does not mean that you should be treating yourself daily.

If you eat just 1 chocolate bar a day you could be adding an extra 300-500 calories to your daily intake, which will obviously have an impact on those weighing scales.

#4: You don’t give your all when exercising

Do you find that a 30 minute workout involves a lot of breaks? Perhaps to check your laces or phone, or to chat to your friends.

Weight lossIf it does then how long have you actually spent exercising?

The intensity of your workout is also important, of course if you are not used to intense exercise then you will need to build up your intensity, but you should always be pushing yourself. Otherwise you will not be seeing the rewards for your time.

#5: You are always changing your diet

If you are constantly looking for the latest diet, but only tend to try it for a few days at a time then you may find weight loss to be a struggle.

Weight loss can be difficult but if you are willing to remain dedicated to your goal, and can be consistent with both your diet and exercise regime then you will see results.

The recommended weight loss is only 2 pounds per week remember.

#6: You are easily discouraged

We all suffer setbacks from time to time, but if you quit every time you encounter one then you will never succeed at reaching your weight loss goal.

Rather than letting these set backs discourage you, try and work through them.

For example, if you cant workout for 30 minutes then just do 10 minutes. Any exercise has got to be better than no exercise.

Also, keep a food diary and note down what you eat and what you do. This will help as you can look back over the diary to see what problems you had and how you pushed past them. You can also use this as a motivational tool, by adding your weight losses and perhaps photos of your progress.

Weight loss is certainly not easy, but if you are willing to remain dedicated to your end goal then you will surely get there. Even if it takes you a few months or even years. The health benefits will surely be worth the effort.

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