Capsiplex Review

Capsiplex Review

There are literally millions of people around the world looking to lose a little weight. Often they will try a fad or dangerous diet to achieve their goal but will ultimately fail to keep the weight off.

Now there is a diet pill that claims to be able to help with your weight issues without any drastic diets or extreme workouts. Its name? Capsiplex.

Lets look at how Capsiplex works and whether it can do what it claims.

Benefits of Capsiplex

The following benefits are claimed by the manufacturers of Capsiplex:

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Reduce your appetite
  • Improve digestion
  • Burn an extra 278 calories daily
  • Reduce body fat and overall body mass
  • Reduce gastric irritation
  • Burn fat
  • Free from side effects

How does Capsiplex work?

Taking Capsiplex causes a process called thermogenesis to occur within your body. This process is when your internal body temperature rises along with your metabolic rate.

As any dieter will tell you increasing your metabolic rate will increase the number of calories you are able to burn.

It has been shown that taking Capsiplex will help you to burn an extra 278 calories every day, which is the equivalent of a 25 minute jog or 1 hamburger.

Ingredients of Capsiplex

Capsiplex ingredientsThe main ingredient found in Capsiplex is Capsicum, which is found in red chilli peppers. It is this ingredient that causes your metabolism to be boosted.

Capsiplex also contains small doses of Caffeine, Black Pepper extract and Niacin.

Is Capsiplex proven?

The effects of Capsiplex was proven during a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled crossover study undertaken at the University of Oklahoma who discovered that those who took this natural fat burner would burn more calories than those who took a placebo.

This is not the only study however, as researchers in the Netherlands back in 2005 also showed how Capsicum (the main ingredient of Capsiplex) could increase satiety and energy expenditure when taken with meals.

Capsicum or Capsaicin as it is sometimes known has also proven effective when tested on rats. With a 2010 study, published in the American Chemical Society’s journal Proteome Research showing that rats lost 8% of their body weight after it use.

Side effects of Capsiplex

If you were to eat chilli peppers in the hope of losing weight you will probably end up with severe irritation to both your throat and stomach.

Therefore to avoid this discomfort while taking Capsiplex the manufacturer have designed a special outer coating that will prevent it from being absorbed until it reaches your small intestine.

Capsiplex is totally natural with no chemical stimulants included, this means that you are highly unlikely to suffer any side effects while using it.

Capsiplex in the press

When Capsiplex was first released it quickly sold out after many newspapers picked up on its weight loss benefits. Even today there are many celebrities losing weight with the help of Capsiplex.

Take Nicola McLean for example, a UK glamour model who has appeared in The Sun and The Daily Star almost 300 times, along with various other ‘lads mags’.

Although she retired from modelling in 2006 she returned in 2008 where she decided during her pregnancy to her second child that to carry on working she would have to lose the post pregnancy weight as soon as possible.

“Started taking capsiplex a week and a half ago, after my first week I lost 7lb!! Not weighed yet this week, hopefully a few lbs off again. Really good product, I have changed my diet as well but would never have lost 7lb on dieting alone in 1 week. Want to loose a stone by the end of feb.  Fingers crossed! Will be buying again. Really impressed with the quick delivery as well.”

“I’m really pleased with my results. My post pregnancy pounds have melted away and I feel great. I also believe Capsiplex has given me extra energy. Certainly now I’ve started exercising again . . . I don’t seem to get out of breath as easily as I used to.”

“I found an amazing supplement, Capsiplex, I read about when falling pregnant. It burns 12 times more calories when exercising and has helped me shed my post pregnancy weight so much quicker than last time. Due to the formula being natural, there’s no side effects, it’s brilliant. I’ve been recommending it to all my friends, they love it too.”

Nicola is not the only celebrity to have lost weight with the help of Capsiplex, former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett also lost a stone in weight while dropping two dress sizes too.

Finally Chantelle Houghton, after the birth of her baby girl Dolly used Capsiplex to lose the baby weight as fast as possible.

Is Capsiplex recommended?

It is hard to argue with the sales figures of Capsiplex. This natural fat burner is incredibly popular with both the general public and celebrities alike.

It contains proven ingredients that will not only help you to reach your weight loss goals effectively but also without causing you any harm.

Highly recommendedCapsiplex is highly recommended, especially when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Where to buy Capsiplex?

To buy Capsiplex then you should visit the official website. A months supply will cost £29.99.

Although you may find Capsiplex for sale on Ebay and Amazon buying direct is the better option as will be guaranteed to be buying the authentic product, without falling victim to one of the many scams online.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee available when buying direct.

To make huge savings on your purchase on Capsiplex you need to be buying the larger package sizes.

A 5 month supply will cost just £149.95, which will save you £134.01 off the previous listed price. This option also comes with 2 free bottles of 5 HTP (to improve your mood and prevent comfort eating) and free postage.

There is also a discount code that will give you an extra 5% off all orders. Just enter the code CAPS5 when ordering online.

Click here to buy Capsiplex

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