4 Carbs for Weight Loss

4 Carbs for Weight Loss

It has long been stated that one proven method of weight loss is by cutting carbohydrates, yet our bodies require these carbs not only for energy but for other functions too.

Of course there are certain carbs that you should avoid, and how you prepare them for consumption also has a bearing on how much weight (if any) will be gained from eating them.

Below you will find some examples of carbs for weight loss that you should consider adding to your current diet:

#1: Sweet potato

When choosing healthy carbs for weight loss you cant go too far wrong with sweet potato.

Unlike other forms of potato these carbs are digested slowly so will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, while your energy levels will remain high as the energy is released slowly.

Sweet potato is full of fibre and other nutrients that not only keep you feeling satisfied but can also aid fat burning too.

They also contain carotenoids and antioxidants that will help to stabilise blood-sugar levels, therefore helping to reduce cravings for sugar.

#2: Beans

Beans are a resistant starch, which basically means that they are good at resisting digestion, so tend to stick around your digestive tract longer than other food types.

They are also full of fibre, therefore will help fill you up and keep you full.

Research has also shown another benefit of beans, with the resistant starch being shown to help your colon from becoming damaged, with those who consume beans on a daily basis shown to have a 20% less risk of developing colon cancer.

#3: Blueberries

Unsurprisingly fruit should be a recommended part of anyone who is looking to lose a few pounds diet.

Blueberries contain catechins that have been shown to burn fat with one study at Tufts University showing a 77% increase in belly fat burning by those who consume them.

#4: Quinoa

There are various reasons why you should start eating more quinoa, especially if you are looking for help with your weight loss efforts.

QuinoaQuinoa contains amino acids that can help build muscle, which will help boost your metabolism, resulting in extra calories being burnt.

It also contains lysine that can help maintain healthy bones and burn fat.

Finally, quinoa contains betaine, a chemical that can cause an increase in your metabolic rate, plus has also been shown to stop the genes that encourage the build up of belly fat.

Final thoughts

Of course eating these carbs will be better than junk food, but remember your body does need other nutrients besides carbs.

For instance protein is extremely important for weight loss as it is difficult for your body to break down and digest, which means that more calories are used during the digestive process.

Protein can also help keep you feeling fuller for longer, and is an important building block for muscle.

Fat is also important for good overall health, just make sure to eat good fats though.

Our final tip would be to exercise regularly, not only to help with your weight loss efforts but to help boost your health too. Just 2-3 twenty minute workouts every week should do, just make sure to give it your all.

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