Cardio Workout In Just 20 Minutes

Cardio Workout In Just 20 Minutes

Although some ‘experts’ will claim that cardio no longer has a place in a fat burning workout, if done correctly then it can offer many benefits.

Now we all know that spending hours on the treadmill can be boring, yet this is not the only issue as to see real results you should mix up your routine a little.

If you are doing the same movements every workout then your muscles will get used to them and you will notice results begin to slow.

The following workout can be done in 20 minutes, yet you will feel like you have worked out for longer.

The 20 minute workout

To burn a serious amount of calories and to prevent boredom each exercise has been broken into intervals.

• Warm up – 3 minutes at a moderate pace on the treadmill.

• Skipping – 3 minutes at your maximum intensity.

• Jumping jacks – 1 minute at moderate pace.

• Sprinting – 1 minute at a moderate to fast pace.

• Light jog – 3 minutes on treadmill.

• Run – 1 minute at maximum pace on treadmill.

• Skipping – 2 minutes at maximum pace.

• Walking lunges – 2 minutes slowly.

• Jog – 2 minutes at a moderate to fast pace.

• Cool down – 2 minutes at a low to moderate pace.

It is important that you do not rest during this routine, there is plenty of time to recover once the 20 minutes are up. Your body will thank you for it in the end.

Additional advice

It is important that you have enough energy to complete any workout, so you need to make sure you are eating enough of the right foods.

Food that is high in protein is an excellent option as it can help your muscles to recover, plus also aids fat loss too.

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