Casey Batchelor weight loss

Casey Batchelor weight loss

Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Casey Batchelor has recently revealed how she has lost a stone in weight (from 9st 2lbs to 8st) in just 4 weeks after being targeted on Twitter by online bullies.

Why did she decide to lose weight?

After her appearance on CBB Casey discovered that she had gained almost a stone in weight after spending too much time lounging around the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Casey herself admitted:

“I hated the way I looked when I came out. If I put on weight, it shows – I had a puffiness around my face.”

“I didn’t feel good about myself and couldn’t wear the kind of clothes that really show off my figure to its best effect. You could see my wobbly bits in the pictures – who wants big love handles hanging over their trousers?”

How did Casey Batchelor lose weight?

Having decided that she needed to lose the excess weight Casey took the advice given by fitness trainer Ian Guildford, who also helped sculpt Luisa Zissman’s bikini body.

Not only did she undertake a month of intense training where she had to perform 15 different exercises for a minute each.

Casey Batchelor weight loss resultsHer diet was also overhauled with pasta and bread banished, with fresh fish and salads replacing them.

She also decided to use Forza Raspberry K2, which has also been use by Luisa and Binky Felstead of Made In Chelsea fame.

These weight loss supplements have enabled Casey to experience higher energy levels and a reduction in her appetite.

“I’m a big fan of Oreos and I would always take one Raspberry K2 just when I was reaching for the cookie jar, and the urge to snack would go away.”

Was Casey Batchelor pleased with her weight loss?

Who wouldn’t be pleased with losing just over a stone in weight in just a month?

Of course she has put in the hard work and it has paid off for her.

“I’m so proud of my tummy – Jessica Ennis eat your heart out!I did so much work and have got in the best shape of my life.”

“I felt I needed to get the extra mile with my 30th coming up in October. I’m going to be in my bikini for most of the summer and I was fed with cruel comments on Twitter about how I looked chubby and overweight. No one can say that now.”

“I’m so much more toned – I’ve got rid of all my puppy fat.”

Where to buy Raspberry K2?

To buy Forza Raspberry K2 you should look at the ForzaSupplements website, who currently have it in stock at a discounted price.

A month supply of 60 capsules will cost just £16.

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