What is the truth behind Celebrity endorsed diet pills?

What is the truth behind Celebrity endorsed diet pills?

We have all seen them, adverts for the latest diet pill with images of various celebrities who have tried them.

What is the truth behind these celebrity endorsed diet pills? Have these celebs really tried them and lost weight?

Unfortunately in most cases no. They have simply been paid to appear like they have tried it, or worst still have had their image used without their knowledge.

Examples of Celebrity endorsed diet pills

There have been numerous examples over the years where a celebrities face has been used to promote a diet pill.

In some examples, such as SlimZene the celebrity (Adele in this instance) was photoshopped to look like she had lost weight using this product.

Others such as Jillian Michaels of the Biggest Loser fame was sued for promoting allegedly dangerous products, although in this instance no conclusive proof was provided though experts did agree that some of the products endorsed did not provide the claimed benefits.

One of the more popular examples of celebrity endorsed diet pill is Quick Trim, which is endorsed by the Kardashians, though it is again more likely that they were paid handsomely for their endorsement.

Finally, you may see adverts daily claiming that Dr Oz has endorsed a particular product, when in reality he has never endorsed one.

All Dr Oz does is feature ingredients not a particular brand so be careful when you see his name or face on an advert.

What should you look for in a Celebrity endorsed diet pill?

When looking at celebrity endorsed diet pills you should do the same research as you would if the product was not endorsed.

The most important bit of information you will need is its ingredients. If a product does not list them or does not show the dosages then how will you know first that it is effective, and second that it will not cause you any harm.

What ingredients should you look out for?

Although there are various weight loss ingredients, each with their own benefits here are a few you should look out for:


Although proven to boost the metabolism and aid weight loss there is a risk of side effects associated with its use.

Caffeine after all is a stimulant so could possibly cause headaches and other problems if you are not careful.


This ingredient has been shown to cause a process known and thermogenesis to occur within your body.

This process is when your internal body temperature increases along with your metabolism, resulting in extra calories being burnt.

Green Coffee Beans

This has recently been discovered to contain chlorogenic acid that has been shown to stop fat production while boosting the metabolism.

The best form of Green Coffee Beans is Svetol Green Coffee as this contains less Caffeine so you can experience the full benefits with less chance of suffering any side effects.

In conclusion

Even though seeing your favourite celebrity endorsing a diet pill may seem like a tempting proposition you need to realise that they have likely been paid to endorse it.

Your best bet is to look for a supplement yourself, ignore the endorsements and look for quality ingredients instead.

This is the only way to ensure you see the best results for your money.

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