Chanelle Hayes weight loss results with TrimSecrets

Chanelle Hayes weight loss results with TrimSecrets

Ex Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes has recently been pictured in London alongside a cardboard cut-out of her fuller framed former self holding a box of the dietary supplement TrimSecrets.

After gaining weight following the birth of her son Blakely the pretty 26 year old has gone from a size 16 to a size 8.

“Food can be an abused substance, especially carbs and processed foods. It’s addictive, especially when you’re depressed.”

“Some people take drugs to get a high – it’s the same for me with food.”

“I’ve never been happy with pictures of myself, even when I was a size 4. Five years ago, I was hooked on liposuction. I did whatever it took to be a size zero and that was the perfect method.”

How did TrimSecrets help her achieve her goal?

TrimSecrets is a dietary supplement that is claimed to kickstart your metabolism. It also contains a 5-step slimming plan that recommends that you stick to a daily calorie allowance of 1500 calories while undergoing regular exercise.

Chanelle Hayes had this to say about her use of TrimSecrets:

“I’d hate to underplay the hard work and commitment it has taken; but it’s been relatively easy thanks to the TrimSecrets programme. I knew what I had to do and – with the help of the step-by-step guide – I stuck to it and watched the weight fall off. I definitely feel back to my best!”

What does TrimSecrets contain?

TrimSecretsThere is no mention of what ingredients or dosages are found in TrimSecrets, however it is possible to enlarge the image of the packaging which will allow you to see that it contains Citrus Fruits, Guarana, Vitamins and Minerals.

Is TrimSecrets recommended?

TrimSecrets may contain natural ingredients but I have doubts that the supplement will result in any real weight loss.

The weight loss by Chanelle Hayes and the other users posted on the website is no doubt a result of the calorie limitations and the exercise.

Of course Jan de Vries spent 5 years developing the 5-step plan, which should be applauded however, at the end of the day the weight that has been lost is not because of the supplement.

How much does TrimSecrets cost?

TrimSecrets costs £14.95 for a 14 day supply, it is recommended that in order to give TrimSecrets a chance to work a months supply of 2 boxes should be purchased.

Unfortunately due to the current high demand of the product they are temporarily out of stock.

No doubt this current popularity is due to the press coverage of Chanelle Hayes weight loss.

Is there an alternative to TrimSecrets?

You could save yourself the money and just cut back on your current eating habits and by increasing your activity levels.

You do not need to be eating takeaways more than once a week, nor do you need to be sitting in front of the television as soon as you step in through the door after work.

Just make some small lifestyle changes and you will see huge changes on the weighing scales.

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