3 Changes to make at Dinner for Weight Loss

3 Changes to make at Dinner for Weight Loss

For weight loss to occur you must try to eat as healthily as possible. That means for every meal too, not just one or two.

It is certainly not a good idea to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch onto to then ruin it by overindulging in junk food during your evening meal.

Of course the occasional “cheat meal” wont harm, but these should not become a regular occurrence.

So, if you want to lose weight, perhaps for health reasons or for more vanity reasons here are some changes you should make at dinnertime to ensure you eat as healthily as possible.

#1: You only eat what is on your own plate

Once you have served out your portions that is all you are allowed to eat at that moment.

There should definitely not be any more trips to the kitchen for second helpings, nor should you be picking at your children’s or partners meals either.

These extra calories will soon start to add up, as even those truly healthy foods contain calories that if consumed in excess will lead to weight gain.

Of course, no one likes waste, but I would suggest if there are left-overs that you pack them away and store them in the fridge to be used for another time.

If the food cannot be stored then you simply need to be strong and throw it away, your health is certainly more important than a few scraps of excess food.

#2: Cut back on dairy

Are you a big fan of cheese? If you are adding it to every meal then chances are this could be a factor behind your weight gain.

Diet SuccessLactose is a form of sugar and it is found in all dairy products, but if you believe that eating or drinking ‘low-fat’ varieties would be a better option for you then you are mistaken. They are more likely to contain more sugar than the full fat options.

Dairy can also have a negative effect on your digestion too.

Dairy contains casein that can affect your digestive rate, plus it is an acid forming food, which can affect your digestive rate too. Foods with more of an alkaline quality are better for improving digestion.

#3: You don’t need a dessert

For some, dinnertime is just an excuse for a dessert. But it should not be like this.

Of course, to ensure you do not get bored with a diet that is too strict then the occasional treat, like dessert should be allowed, but this does not mean for every meal.

If you are still hungry after your main meal then you need to start looking at the type of foods you are eating.

Are you eating enough fibre or protein-rich foods for example?

Eating a dessert should not be the cause of a ruined diet. There are plenty of things that you can eat that can curb a sweet tooth. For example, the natural sugars found in fresh fruit.

Hopefully these simple dinnertime tips will help you reach your weight loss goals.



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