Charlotte Crosby weight loss revealed

Charlotte Crosby weight loss revealed

Geordie Shore star and Celebrity Big Brother winner Charlotte Crosby has recently revealed her weight loss progress just 5 weeks after making the decision to lose those excess pounds.

How did Charlotte Crosby gain weight?

The 23 year old reality TV star has admitted that the filming of the hit MTV show is to blame for her weight gain.

“It’s hard on the show because we film for six weeks at a time and it involves constant drinking and eating pizzas and kebabs. It’s nearly impossible not to put on weight.”

Incredibly during the filming of the eighth series Charlotte gained 3 stone and went up 2 dress sizes.

This is not the first time she has made this kind of admission as during her 2013 appearance on Celebrity Big Brother she admitted to being “rock bottom” over her figure, before taking 2 months away from the limelight to eat healthily and work out.

“I know I’ve been naughty with my diet, even when I’m not filming. I just love junk food. I can’t drive past a McDonald’s without going in for a burger and fries.”

“I’d love to tone up and get back to a size 10, but it’s not easy. If losing weight was easy, everyone would be able to do it.”

How much weight has Charlotte Crosby lost?

Charlotte Crosby weight loss before & afterIn an interview with Closer magazine, Charlotte has revealed that she has gone from a size 14 down to a size 10-12 in just 5 weeks.

How did she lose the excess weight?

It seems that working out regularly with here personal trainer Richard Callender and changing her eating habits for the better have started to pay off.

Now she is eating foods such as grilled chicken and fish and working out with a combination of boxing sessions and resistance training.

We have to admit that Charlotte Crosby is certainly looking better, and it is all down to her own hard work so well done to her.

Hopefully this time she will be able to keep the weight off long term.

Charlotte releases Belly Blitz 3 minute workout DVD

Unsurprisingly following her weight loss success Charlotte has released her own fitness DVD.

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3 comments on "Charlotte Crosby weight loss revealed"
  1. Cant see her keeping the weight off. She is mental, will no doubt have a fitness DVD out in time for Christmas.

  2. I’m actually in the process to lose weight but its so hard to know that it is possible has given me encouragement….

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