Study Reveals What Causes People to Cheat on Their Diet

Study Reveals What Causes People to Cheat on Their Diet

We know that losing weight is hard, and that most people are unable to stick to a diet. However, new research has found out why.

A study of 1,000 Americans has shown that the foods they are most likely to ensure we fall off the diet wagon are:

  • Pizza
  • Salty snacks
  • Fries

This study also found that people often use ‘cheat days’ rather than ‘cheat meals’ when trying to lose weight, which will definitely hinder your weight loss efforts.

The research has also shown that people are willing to pay as much as $50 for the perfect cheat meal.

While cheat meals can be beneficial, as it can ensure you do not get too bored on your diet, entire days devoted to eating whatever you want is certainly not recommended.

Other facts discovered by this research include:

  • Women preferred to cheat with chocolate more than men
  • Men preferred to cheat with burgers more than women

The research also looked at how tastes and cravings changed based on where the participants lived:

  • The Pacific Coast loved pizza and burgers
  • The Northeast liked cakes, cookies and ice cream
  • Southeast liked fried chicken
  • Southwest preferred soda and french fries

As well as where they chose to cheat:

  • 42% opt to eat out for a cheat meal
  • 36% chose to order takeaway for their cheat meal

Finally, looking at how far people were will to travel for their favourite cheat meals:

  • 88% were willing to travel up to 30 minutes away
  • 10% would travel up to an hour

This is interesting research and shows that people really struggle with cravings, and are literally willing to go to extremes to satisfy them.

No wonder it is so difficult to firstly lose weight, and then keep it off long term.

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