Cholesterol Levels Improve with Weight Loss

Cholesterol Levels Improve with Weight Loss

A study undertaken at the University of California has revealed that losing weight could help improve cholesterol levels amongst a number of other benefits too.

This study looked at how diets such as the Mediterranean Diet that uses a lot of healthy fats could help with weight loss, as well as its other benefits.

What research was undertaken?

Over the course of the one-year study, overweight and obese women were randomly placed into one of three groups.

  • Those who ate a low fat and high carb diet
  • Those who ate a low carb and high fat diet
  • Those who ate a diet consisting of walnuts, high fat and low carb diet

What were the results of the study?

At the conclusion of the study it was shown that all three groups saw a similar amount of weight loss.

Those who ate the diet rich in walnuts saw the biggest improvement in their cholesterol levels, with a noticeable reduction in lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol.

It was suggested that those on the walnut diet saw these changes due to the polyunsaturated fatty acids that were consumed.

Those in the high fat and low carb group saw fewer benefits, which was claimed to be because they consumed monounsaturated fats instead.

Cheryl Rock, PhD, principal investigator of the study had this to say about the results:

“Many diets have said it is okay to eat healthy fats and emphasise olive and canola oils.”

“What we found is that a diet high in healthy oils did lower lipids, but it also lowered both good and bad cholesterol.”

While lowering bad cholesterol levels were one of the benefits, it was certainly not the only one:

“This weight loss may not put these women at their ideal weight, but it made a significant reduction in their risk of cardiovascular and other diseases.”

So, with this information at hand, what type of diet will you try next time? This study has shown that diets such as the Mediterranean Diet can help not only with your weight loss efforts, but your overall health too.


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