How Has DJ Chris Moyles Lost Weight?

How Has DJ Chris Moyles Lost Weight?

It is not difficult to see that breakfast DJ Chris Moyles has lost plenty of weight over the past few years.

Once upon a time he was around 5 stone overweight, but now looks much slimmer and healthier. What is his secret?

What inspired Chris Moyles to lose weight?

Health concerns were likely the reason behind Chris Moyles weight loss. Speaking back in 2014 Chris stated:

“I’m getting older. If I don’t keep fit I will be dead by the time I am 50.”

Chris Moyles was once overweight

How has Chris Moyles managed to shift those pounds?

While the number of calories consumed daily has not changed, the type of foods he consumes has.

When he was overweight Chris would consume 2,000 calories daily but this would consist of unhealthy foods such as pizza, crisps, alcohol and ice cream.

Nowadays there has been a total overhaul of what he eats and it has made a massive change to both his appearance and health.

These days you are more likely to find Chris eating fish, fresh fruit and vegetables and quinoa instead of the junk food of the past.

He has also taken up jogging, which gives him a cardio workout three times a week as well as sessions with weights to help build lean muscle mass.

Speaking about his new healthier lifestyle, Chris had this to say:

“I’ve got David Haye’s old trainer who kills me.”

“I’ve become obsessed [fitness]. And I watch what I eat now that I’ve had to learn to cook for myself and that takes up a lot of my time, especially if I’m not drinking, which I have been trying not to do lately.”

Chris Moyles has regular exercise

Chris Moyles has made a big effort to improve his health, only time will tell if he will manage it, but things are looking promising so far.

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