Claire Richards’ Weight Loss Journey – Can she keep the weight off?

Claire Richards’ Weight Loss Journey – Can she keep the weight off?

It should come as no surprise to you to learn that Steps star Claire Richards has struggled with her weight over the years, fluctuating from a dress size 10 to a 20.

At her heaviest she was reported to have weighed 16 and a half stone, but now it appears that her weight loss struggles may have been beaten for good.

What caused her to gain weight?

When Steps first formed Claire weighed just 9 and a half stone, it wasn’t until the band split in 2001 that her weight began to become an issue, no doubt as she now no longer had to perform those energetic dance moves her band were renowned for.

“I didn’t realise how much being active in the band had kept me slim.”

“I comfort ate for the next four years and I went up to 15 stone – my thighs spread right out and my stomach was huge.”

This weight gain was claimed to be one reason behind the split of her first marriage in 2003.

She gave birth to her first child in 2007 and married her current partner Reece Hill in 2008, losing weight for the wedding and releasing a fitness DVD too.

When she fell pregnant again, Claire gained 4 and a half stone, which she managed to lose by March 2011, going from a size 18 to a size 10.

However, this wasn’t the end of the yo-yo dieting, as she once again re-gained the weight, leading to her appearance in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2013.

Claire Richards before weight loss

What inspired Claire Richards’ weight loss?

In 2014 Claire and her husband decided that they wanted to have another baby.

“I just really want to set the record straight because I’m not bringing out a fitness DVD, I’m not doing some miracle diet, I don’t have the secret to weight loss and staying slim.”

“My husband Reece and I – we decided that we wanted to try for another baby and me being overweight was causing us a lot of problems, so I went to see the doctor and he advised that I lose weight.”

Since she achieved her weight loss aims, she has managed to stop any further weight gain.

How did Claire Richards lose weight?

She has taken back control of her weight through portion control and healthy, mindful eating, opting for foods like fruit, salads and yoghurts, as well as homemade pasta that she shares with her family.

Talking to Essentials magazine back in 2015, Claire said:

“Before it was all about what food tasted like – I could never stop the volume of food that I ate and really piled my plate up, I would finish every single mouthful!”

“It was the volume of food that I would eat. If we had a takeaway, I just wouldn’t know when to stop.”

“But I’ve stopped doing that, stopped eating until I feel sick. Now I take a smaller plate and put hopefully more healthy options on there.”

The real secret to her weight loss is self-control and hard work, which she revealed in her tell-all book ‘All of Me: My Story’:

“I have an emotional connection to food. Food for me is almost like a drug – I get an instant gratification from it, but it doesn’t last very long.”

Nowadays Claire sticks to a diet of around 1,500 daily calories, which she feels has finally given her the strength to break the cycle of unhealthy habits.

“I’m trying really hard. It’s not rocket science how you lose weight but keeping it off has always been my problem,’ she said at the time. ‘I feel good. This is the longest I’ve managed to maintain it.”

You must agree that Claire certainly looks happy with her current weight. I guess only time will truly tell if she can keep it off for the long term.

Claire Richards after weight loss

How can you achieve similar weight loss results?

To lose weight you first need to look at what you are eating. Are you eating a lot of takeaways or junk food?

If you are then you will certainly need to back on these.

I would suggest replacing them with ‘whole’ foods, which are foods that are minimally processed, such as fruit and vegetables.

These types of food are naturally low in calories, so will fill you up without causing weight gain.

They are also full of the nutrients that your body requires, so your overall health will improve too.

Next you will need to look at what you are drinking. Out should go the soft drinks, as these are full of ‘empty’ calories that serve no nutritional purpose.

Even those diet versions are best avoided as they have been shown to promote sugary cravings.

Instead you should drink water, which you can make more interesting by adding a slice of lemon or similar citrus fruit.

Water contains zero calories, and can help curb your appetite, with research showing that if consumed prior to a meal could help cut your calorie intake.

Exercise is also important, perhaps less important for your weight loss efforts, but regular exercise is good for your overall health.

While cardio is a good start, I would not focus your entire workout on it. To boost your metabolism and therefore ability to burn calories I would suggest adding some muscle building exercises too.

When you build muscle you will find that your metabolism is higher, even when you are resting.

Sleep and stress levels also have an impact on your weight, so I would suggest finding ways to alleviate your stress levels. Perhaps yoga or meditation could help.

As for sleep, you should aim to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep each night. Any less and the hormones that control your appetite and ability to burn fat will be affected negatively.

PhenQFinally, I would suggest looking at a weight loss supplement such as PhenQ. A product that comes highly recommended as it is made from proven weight loss ingredients.

This product will offer the following benefits:

  • Reduce body fat
  • Suppress appetite
  • Cut the amount of fat produced
  • Increase mood and energy levels

For further information please click the link below. I wish you good luck with your weight loss efforts, perhaps you can achieve similar results as Claire Richards.

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