8 Rules for Clean Eating

8 Rules for Clean Eating

Rather than getting carried away counting calories or heavens forbid starving yourself to lose weight, would it not be a better idea to simply eat a little healthier?

If you were to eat ‘clean’ then your overall health will improve, a by-product of which would be weight loss.

Please read on to discover the clean eating rules that will stand you in good stead to achieving your weight loss goals without having to undertake a drastic and potentially dangerous diet.

#1: Cut out processed foods

If you want to eat clean then you will need to stop eating processed food.

When foods are processed they are less nutritious as the nutrients are removed. It will also make the food tastier and more satisfying.

#2: Eat more fresh produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, especially fibre that can help to fill you up without the added calories. The fibre will also help you to stay fuller for longer as it is slower to digest.

Fresh produce is also free from salt and processed sugar so wont cause future cravings for junk.

#3: Stop adding sugar

If you take a moment to read the label of some of your favourite foods you may be surprised to learn just how much sugar they contain.

My suggestion would be to look for an alternative that contains less sugar.

Sugar is quickly burned by the body, which results in a high blood sugar level. Unfortunately once this sugar is burnt, the blood sugar levels will crash resulting in cravings for more sugary foods.

Of course this will not be good for any weight loss attempt.

As well as checking the labels you should also try to avoid adding too much sugar yourself; perhaps to your coffee or tea for example.

#4: Watch out for salt

As with sugar, you should also check the salt content of your foods. Therefore those labels become important again.

Not only is salt going to have a negative effect on your weight but can also increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and stroke.

#5: Cut back on caffeine

Too much caffeine can mess with your energy levels and could potentially cause anxiety or insomnia; both of which can cause weight gain.

CaffeineWhen you are stressed your cortisol levels will increase resulting in cravings, while a lack of sleep can also cause cravings too.

#6: Watch your alcohol intake

Of course we all like to enjoy the occasional night out with friends and family, which often involves drinking alcohol. Yet this could be a mistake if your aim is to lose weight.

Quite a few alcoholic drinks are full of sugar, which is why you will often hear the professionals talking about alcohol as ‘empty calories’.

This is because they offer almost no nutritional benefit.

#7: Eat whole grain

Refined grains is processed, which means that it wont be as good for you as whole grain as it contains less nutrients and more artificial ingredients.

Eating whole grains can help to improve your digestion, and can also help reduce stomach bloating, which is something that can make us look and feel as though we are fatter than we really are.

#8: Read those labels

Although we have mentioned it a couple of times already, it is worth putting into its own section as it is one of the more important tips to eating clean.

If you do not check the labels of the food you buy then how will you know what you are consuming exactly?

There are often hidden sugars, salt and fat in foods, yes even in those foods that are claimed to be ‘health’ foods.

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