Is Cleanse EFX recommended?

Is Cleanse EFX recommended?

If your aim is to lose weight then there are some experts who claim that undergoing a detox beforehand will help speed up your results.

Well, this is what a product like Cleanse EFX has been designed for. To help promote regular bowel movements that will help cleanse your body before a diet.

Unfortunately as Cleanse EFX is available as a trial there are doubts in my mind that perhaps this product is not as good as it first seems, especially when you see just how many similar trial offers we have reviewed over the past year that turned out to be scams.

To see if this supplement is different from the others we will need to look at it in more detail, its ingredients, its cost and whether we would recommend it.

Claimed benefits of Cleanse EFX

The main claim made by Cleanse EFX is that it can “flush the pounds” and help you “detox naturally”, however this is not it’s only claims as it also makes the following:

  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Increase energy naturally
  • Burn off excess weight
  • Boost your metabolism

Whether this supplement can do what it claims remains to be seen. We would need to look at its ingredients to see just how effective it really is.

Ingredients found in Cleanse EFX

While Cleanse EFX contains some good ingredients (aloe ferox, white oak, golden seal and rhubarb) there is no other information provided regarding dosages.

This makes me question the claimed benefits of this supplement.

Are there any other ingredients present, perhaps any that cause side effects? There really is no way of knowing without seeing the label.

Cost of Cleanse EFX

It may shock you when you realise just how expensive Cleanse EFX really is.

While it is not clear whether there is any charge when you first sign up, you will soon come to regret your decision after 14 days when you are charged a quite unbelievable amount (£94.99).

Not only is this too much, but you will also discover to your horror that there will be further monthly charges made to your account.

Thats right, you guessed it. Cleanse EFX operates as an auto-ship program. Just like all those other trial offers we have previously reviewed.

Is Cleanse EFX a scam?

When you start being charged over the odds by Cleanse EFX there are bound to be complaints.

This is why it is important that if there are terms and conditions present that you take the time to read them before signing up for any trial offer.

You do not want to be caught out by hidden charges do you?

How to contact/cancel Cleanse EFX?

To contact or cancel your Cleanse EFX trial offer you should use the following information:

Telephone: 0808 169 2023
Email: info-eng@cleanseefx.com

If you have signed up for this trial then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a message below using the provided form.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Cleanse EFX

If you want to try a better and certainly a lot more affordable colon cleanser then my suggestion would be Detox Plus, a supplement available to buy online from Evolution Slimming for just £19.95.

This supplement contains proven ingredients and since it is not available on trial there will be no need to worry about experiencing any hidden charges being made to your account.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

28 comments on "Is Cleanse EFX recommended?"
  1. I want to know why these products are only available via online ?

  2. Please stop taking money out of my.account

    • Kristy, I have not taken any of your money. The above is a review and we are not associated with Cleanse EFX in any capacity.

    • They keep doing that to me, the customer service is disgusting , they where tallking about me in French to another college, I’ve returned my product there saying I never, I want proof they never received it back, I’m taking it further,

  3. Yes already feel robbed
    This company are already starting to try to get money out if my account which is unauthorised.

  4. Just received my trial, but after reading the letter discovered how much i would be charged. Rang them to cancel as i cannot afford it and they told me to actually try the product before cancelling – but if i try the product for 14 days – i will be charged anyway!

  5. I rang to cancel and they said they have cancelled it but the shipping payment is not refundable

    They use the terms and conditions to scam you out of £94.99 PER BOTTLE! On the order confirmation they don’t warn you, nor do they send you an email to remind you to get in contact to cancel the free trial. Which is there excuse for charging you this amount.

    I just got off the 0808 number (which charges, more money that they get from you!) and after having a go at them they agreed to only refund 50%. Scam artists!!! Please don’t buy from these people…….

  7. I made a huge mistake , I saw the free trial , ordered it and then read the terms and conditions , I tried to cancel as I carnt afford that much and they won’t refund me because I didnt read terms and conditions , this isnt right surely

  8. I tried email to cancel the trial because I can’t afford the £94.99 and the email came back.

  9. I was duped, thinking that I was signing up for a ‘free trial’ for a one off shipping payment. Something I saw concerned me and I stumbled across the ‘Terms and Conditions’ (which had NOT been available when I asked for the trial). Before the product even arrived, I tried to get the Return Merchandise Authorisation code but they refused to give it to me until I had received the order. I have e-mailed and told them not to take any money from me because I do not consent to it. I have been in touch with my bank and will be asking them on Monday to block any request for payment from these people. I’m also considering reporting them to Trading Standards,

  10. I stupidly bought these and they arrived one day and two lots of money came out my bank the next, iv also tried to contact them to no avail and I’m furious. I’ve also put a block on my bank and I’m going to pursue trading standards as its worth a try

  11. I managed to get the Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) code from these people this morning, over then phone. The RMA turned out to be the order number prefixed by ‘RMA’. HOWEVER, I received an e-mail related to each product which included a different RMA. I have written both on the envelope and photographed it (both sides). My bank have blocked any further payment to them (or by any slightly changed company they may set up). I have told them that I will be reporting them to Trading Standards but would you believe someone phoned this afternoon to ask if I want to extend the trial!!!!!!! My bank say what they are doing is lawful but unethical; the chap recommended I send as full details as I can to Trading Standards. If you Google a bit, you’ll find that this company is doing this across the States, too………………

  12. This is the biggest scam I have come across.

    Firstly I would like to say if you do come across customer service they will refuse to cancel anything.

    This item never arrived to me and there still charging me.

    I would also like to point out the address is just a postbox.

    I have emailed 20 times and it took them 1 week to respond to say how they are going to charge me.

    Also it can not be a FREE TRIAL IF ITS £100!

    I am reporting this company as they have done this to 1000s of people.

    There terms and conditions only show after, once they have your card details they will forever take money.


  13. I have already rang and cancelled this product once however the money still has came out of my account. blocked them with my bank and now having to ring up again…DO NOT BUY

  14. BIGGEST SCAM IVE COME ACROSS. I’m a single parent with 2 children. Working and trying to keep a roof over our heads. I’ve been scammed of over £250 for this product. I am so angry!!

  15. money is being taken out of my account without permission and now when i called customer service to cancel everything they said if i didnt have my order number (which is no longer in my emails) they cant do anything and hung up on me

  16. This is a SCAM! They took £71 from my account without any authorisation. I had been emailing them querying why I had never received the goods, and asked for a refund. They take forever to get back to you, and don’t do what you ask them. Today when I found out they had taken the money, I phoned them and was put through to a very unhelpful lady, I then asked to speak to her manager… who funnily enough was busy… I have since phoned my bank who are issuing me a refund, and they have put a block on this retailer if they try to take any money in the future. I would suggest anyone else that is having problems, you do the same straight away. We need to stop this happening to others!

    • This company is the biggest scam ever!
      I cancelled my order within 7 days of receiving the goods, I returned the goods with the ref which was given to me over the phone. The goods were returned via the Royal Mail with a tracking number as advised. I also emailed them asking for comfirmation of receipt. After four days I still had not received a reply to my email. I call them & told them they received the package which was signed for by ‘Abdul’. They confirmed receipt and my account was now cancelled.
      10 days later I checked my account only to find they still took £94.94! Informed my bank who claimed the money back and put a block on future payments from EFX. I also called EFX to asked them why they were trying to take money from my account when it was cancelled, they told me it wasn’t that company trying to take payment! I asked to speak to a manager of which they said the person was not available & they would get someone to call me back…….still waiting.
      One month after they tried to take payment from my account, I noticed another payment of £94.94 but it wasn’t from EFX if was another company called Blue ban. My bank told my it was from the same retailer!!!!! My bank informed me they tried to use EFX first, but this has been blocked by my bank so within minutes they used another name. I’ve called them twice and they tell me the same thing my account is closed & someone will call me back….but no one does. I will now get in with trading standards

  17. Wot a scam 71pound out of my bank n if crap

  18. Does this product work though???

  19. The question is does this product works. I don’t mind paying a £100 or so if this pills make you loose 2 stones in two weeks.

  20. Omg…. I feel ill. I’ve just ordered the free trial!!!!! My husband is going to freak!

  21. I have purchased the trail for the EFX and EFXPro. The product didn’t work, made me eat more. Then after checking my credit card statement the company had taken a further £94.99 twice off it. When I called to query why this had happened they told me that after fourteen days if you do not return the product you are billed this amount. I asked where you are told about this, as it was not in the email confirmation I was sent. They told me it was in the delivery of the product. I still haven’t received this. This is a scam!!!

  22. I showed my daughter this company’s advertisement via Facebook and she sent for her free trial I was horrified on returning home from work this evening to read the back of the sheet they sent with the tablets to see how much they charge for these tablets I will get her to the bank to stop payments going out as she doesn’t even earn this, this is so unfair, please help and tell me what I should do to stop any other person falling for this scam

  23. I wish I had read your comments before…..similar story, they have taken £198 from my account and requested more, the bank have now blocked payment requests and I have referred to Trading standards….please all do tel 0345 4040506. They also suggested getting an address…does anyone have one and writing for a refund.

    I do feel foolish buying this product but instead of being embarrassed we need to question the morality of such traders.

  24. I stupidly did the same as everyone else and the same time each month two lots of £95:00 are being taken out of my bank ive also put a block on but it just keeps happening Ive lost the peices of paper with there email address etc on could somebody give me a telephone number or website and I’m also going to go straight to trading standards!!

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