Should Cleanse Plus be avoided?

Should Cleanse Plus be avoided?

Cleansing and detoxing are two buzz words that you have probably heard a lot recently.

It seems that everyone is undergoing a cleanse, but why? Well, your body tends to store waste and toxins that can cause numerous health problems including weight gain.

By using a colon cleanser this stored waste and toxins can be naturally removed, giving your weight loss efforts the kick-start they need.

Cleanse Plus is a colon cleanser that promises to help give your body a natural detox, but can it do what is claims, lets see for ourselves shall we?

Claimed benefits of Cleanse Plus

Cleanse Plus have listed the following benefits on their website:

  • Flush harmful waste
  • Purify your system
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve daily digestion

These benefits are exactly what you would expect to see from a colon cleanser. Whether Cleanse Plus can do what it claims though is another matter that can only be verified by looking at their ingredients.

Ingredients found in Cleanse Plus

Like so many colon cleansing supplements before it Cleanse Plus have chosen not to give any details regarding their ingredients, just relying solely on claims to sell their product.

Unfortunately without any ingredient information it is impossible to verify the claims, for all we know no benefits will be experienced, which is why you should only ever choose a supplement that is willing to show what it is made from.

Cost of Cleanse Plus

Again, it is not immediately clear how much Cleanse Plus is going to be as the cost is not available on the homepage, the only way to access it is by giving away your important contact information.

In the past this would lead to marketing emails or phone calls being made to those individuals who chose not to conclude their order.

Once you hand over your details you will be taken to a second screen where the prices will finally be made available.

Cleanse Plus is available for €39.95 for a months supply, although there are larger packages that bring the cost down somewhat.

Is Cleanse Plus a scam?

Cleanse Plus is certainly not a scam, however it is overpriced and the lack of any ingredient information makes me seriously doubt the claims made.

In my opinion you would be better off looking for an alternative that is not only cheaper but is also willing to list its ingredients.

Contact details for Cleanse Plus

There are a number of phone numbers available for Cleanse Plus:

Singapore: +65-31584986
Malaysia: 1-800-816-651
Hong Kong: +852-300-85619
Philippines: 1-800-1-116-1135
UK: +44-1618840603

There is also an email address: support@cleanseplus.net

If you have tried this product please leave a message below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Cleanse Plus

If you want to buy a colon cleanser that actually works then you should look at Detox Plus, which is available to buy online from the Evolution Slimming website.

This supplement unlike Cleanse Plus is unafraid to list its ingredients, so you know what benefits to expect. It is also cheaper at just €25 for a months supply.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

1 Comment on "Should Cleanse Plus be avoided?"
  1. I ordered the cleanseplus last sept. 15, 2014 until now i have’nt received the product. I’ve tried calling the number given in the site but i cannot contact.

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