Cleanse Total Diet SCAM Review

Cleanse Total Diet SCAM Review

The Cleanse Total Diet supplement claims to help you “lose weight” and “feel great”, but how does it work and is it really as effective as it is claimed to be?

In the following review we will look at its claims, whether they can be backed up and also if there are any hidden charges.

We know from past experience that trial offers are often not as good a deal as they are made out to be. Whether this is the case or not remains to be seen, but we will soon discover the truth.

Benefits of Cleanse Total Diet

Cleanse Total Diet claims to offer the following benefits to its users:

  • Stabilise your appetite
  • Stimulate weight loss
  • Increase energy

Whatever benefits you see it is never recommended that you rush into a decision to sign up for a trial offer.

I would suggest that the least you do is check to see what ingredients are found in this supplement to see for yourself how effective it truly is.

Ingredients found Cleanse Total Diet

Disappointingly there is no label present just a list of its ingredients:

Thiamine, Niacin, Biotin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B-6 and Pantothenic acid

While it is true that these ingredients offer numerous benefits including weight loss, there is no way of knowing how much is present.

There may be some benefit to using this supplement, but if there are other filler ingredients it may not be as effective as claimed.

Price of Cleanse Total Diet

The biggest issue with the Cleanse Total Diet is its price. While you may expect to pay a little towards the trial you will certainly be surprised when you realise just how much you will have to pay.

While there is only a small £3.82 charge for shipping when you first sign up this quickly increases to £57.87 at the end of the 16 day trial.

You will soon discover that you have signed up to an auto-ship program too, so further monthly deliveries will be sent out to you too.

Is Cleanse Total Diet a scam?

There may be some benefit to using this supplement but the fact is that this is overpriced and there are plenty of alternatives available that will cost a fraction of this price.

It is important when looking at diet supplements to check that there are no hidden charges. Always read the T&Cs if they are available and if there is something you disagree with then simply walk away.

Contact details for Cleanse Total Diet

There are various phone numbers available on the Cleanse Total Diet website, I will list a few below:

UK: +44 808 168 3669
USA/Canada: 1-855-256-2876
Australia: +61-291912796

There is also an email address that you may wish to try: support@cleansetotaldiet.com

Please leave a message below if you have signed up for this offer.

Alternative to Cleanse Total Diet

Our suggested alternative would be a supplement called Detox Plus.

This particular supplement is available from Evolution Slimming and is made using quality natural ingredients that really work to cleanse your body of the toxins that cause weight gain.

You can buy a months supply for just £19.95, which is considerably more cost effective. And as it is not available for trial the price you see is the price you pay, there are no hidden or repeat charges.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

59 comments on "Cleanse Total Diet SCAM Review"
  1. Got charged $103.00 instead of $4 for a free trial. Very upset and customer service is not replying . Seems like a scam

    • I too was charged $133.03 and a second freight fee instead of the free cleanse trial. My email to customer service came back undelivered. Sounds very much like a scam. I have since changed my bank details so they cannot charge me again for something I didn’t order.

    • I went and applied for a free trial and got charged for US $ 99 . This is a scam. They also advertised Garcina total diet too. So I think charged both for US$ 99.. Very unscrupulous. Hope no one else will try this.

    • I have totally got ripped off by these people…i asked for a sample for $3 postage and i was charged $300 not only that it is a recurring charge..i tried calling from Australia and the number is not a valid number…i am very upset!!!


    • Its a SCAM

  2. please cancel my order 2917481. Thankyou

  3. I ordered trial cleanse and toal diet and was invoiced for the products then money was taken from my accoiunt for £89.90. Which i need reinbursing.

    • Sandra, have you tried contacting them or your bank?

      • I’m with you Sandra, I ordered a TRIAL but was charged £ 89.90, $ 127.30 AUS with no invoice finding it really hard to get in contact with them and I want reimbursement to…….
        Feels like a scam…….don’t do it people’s…….

        • Hi Sandra same just happened to me lucky my bank is refunding me the money asap because I didn’t orthorise that transaction to take place

        • This is a scam and I was a dummy at the time of order
          Don’t order !!!

  4. I have just purchased this reading that i wont get charged any additional fees after the shipment then proceeded to purchase the item to then read that i will be charged £88 pound once the 14 day trial is up. I have just tried to cancel my order and was told that it had already ben shipped out and to contact them in 3 days. I am not happy and now do not know what to do to cancel this i do not want to pay for this item.

  5. I would like to know what happens to my supposed shipment of you product that I have paid for and promised delivery.. I am certain now that this is just another scam and you have taken my money, if this is not the case please give me an explanation.
    John Henry.

  6. I signed up for the 2 free bottles not realising after 14 days I would be charged 126 dollars I was really upset rang them cancelled the account I had with them as I soon realised these charges would be monthly !!! Then 3 days later another 127 dollars came out of my account I am really upset when I spoke to them about the second amount they claimed that they never took it !! I’m going to be contacting my bank

  7. I fell for this dirty scam I too was charged for the offer which was advertised , but after the American company took my credit card details they must have given the to the Australian company who took another 150 dollars from my account lucky I was on to it and cancelled my card but not before they fleeced me for the said amount. I do not know how these pricks can get away with trading in this manner . I will be a lot more aware of this type of scam in the future, and am in the process of retrieving the money they stole.

  8. Hi just cancelled my order with cleanse total diet uk, sales person not nice at all!! Tried to offer me lots of deals not to cancel. I still cancelled, her attitude was terrible so i told her she needs to go on customer services course, she was very nasty and….,…i have received an email from MARJO RAMOS, calling me a pathetic old lady! Poor enough! :p.

    well customer services are obviously not their strong point. Nasty horrible person!!!!

  9. How do you cancel this? I am only 17 i do not even have this type of money that is being taken out of the bank I do not want to be charged.

  10. OMG. .. how do I cancel this…. I’ve just seen my bank statement 2 payments of £88.63 then £89.90 help.

  11. SCAM SCAM SCAM. DO NOT BUY from this company.

    As all of the above, I too have had large amounts of money taken from my bank account, which I did not sanction. I accepted a free trial – and signed to pay the small postage charge only. I received the “free trial” bottles – but now find (having received nothing further) that two large charges have been taken from my account ( almost £200.) Of course my bank is onto it — but BEWARE FOLKS. DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY WITH A BARGE POLE !!

  12. Hi this Cleanse Total Diet came up on a Facebook feed on my tablet through some ‘health’ heading. There were pictures purported to be from an Australian Womens Weekly employee that used these pills and lost HEAPS of weight!

    I agreed to the offer – the feed disappeared and I couldn’t retrieve it! So I thought – oh well it’s only $5 odd dollars I lost. I was surprised when weeks later 2 dodgy looking bottles of pills arrived on my doorstep – no invoice, no company name – nothing! Imagine my shock when weeks later I returned form Bali and found two lots of money taken from my credit card account – to $130 odd each AUD – converted to US$ – thought I’d been scammed in Bali!

    My Westpac bank says they have proof from the merchant that I agreed to this transaction and won’t refund the money – can anyone help??

    • Total scam. I do not remember ticking ANY box stating I would agree to a subscription allowing them to deduct over$100 every few weeks. No one would agree to that if we signed up for such a cheap trial. So devastated that we all could be ripped off so easily. Spread the word and stop people like us being ripped off.

    • the same as all above happened to me, there is a phone number in very small writing on the bottle. i rang the number and eventually threatened fair trade department and they said they would refund but the operator hung up on me when i asked for a receipt number for the call. have cancelled my card.

    • Total Scam” Karen everything you have said has happened to me too, and I’m now stuck with the dodgy products and being billed on my credit card every month. No contact No account no. nothing. Iv been searching the internet on what to do?? HELP

  13. Like all the above I too fell for this scam , is their a solution or do I have to go and cancel my credit card as I have no way in contacting them?

  14. How do I cancel?

  15. i would like to no wher to send the bottle of cleanse total diet pills back to so i can get a refund and i would like to stop any more pills coming to my address and i dont wont to hav any thing more to do with this company carol knight

  16. Hi I to was scammed. I did not sign for anything. Just free trail. I have cancelled my credit card. How disgusting

  17. I wish to CANCEL my subscription of the CLEANSE TOTAL DIET effective immediately. Thank you
    Denese Carter

  18. Please cancel my pills and do not take any more money from my account kaye Ryan

  19. SCAM SCAM SCAM. DO NOT BUY from this company.

    As all of the above, I too have had large amounts of money taken from my bank account, which I did not sanction. I accepted a free trial – and signed to pay the small postage charge only. I received the “free trial” bottles – but now find (having received nothing further) that two large charges have been taken from my account ( almost $300) I have called the Australian company and spoken to quite an aggressive lady. She made lots of offers to try and get me to keep the products as well as saying had I not read the “Terms and Conditions?” Looking through the website now, until you have actually placed an order, these are not visual. This includes the price. So yes, we finally agreed that I can return them but was not prepared to give me their address over the phone. I can expect an email within the next 24 hours – we will see!

  20. omg i just brought the free trial yesterday! 😥 if i cancel my card will it stop them from taking more money? i can’t find a way to contact them! FREAKING OUT, i so can not afford this! 😣

    • Cancel your credit cards now people. And if anyone knows there whereabouts of this company, lets track them down and report them! So far I got a PO Box address 1229 salt lake city, UT 84110…Could just be a decoy but its worth investigating. Lets bring down these thieves! They stole from my grandma who could not be in a worse situation and now she gets these jerks stealing from her!

      Please email me if you know where this company is, I’d like to see these theives stopped asap

      • Hi. Tired of seeing this ads pop up continuously I clicked on it. After careful reading and finding it too good to be true I signed up for the free trial only and got charged a small amount in two transactions by two different Companies, ‘Permatoneskinks.com’ and ‘Buypureleanhealth.com’ to pay for postage only. After two email enquiries about my missing delivery, my card yesterday got charged Au$131.86 by an unknown and definitely unauthorised company, ‘slendermaxinfo.com Ra’. I contacted my bank to cancel my card and block this transaction (they are investigating, they said). Today I’ve received two bottles of pills, one labelled cleanse total diet, containing 30 capsules of several herbs and garlic (strong garlic smell and it’s listed in the label). The other is labelled garcinia total diet and contains 60 capsules of garcinia cambodia extract. I will copy this message and this website, to Choice magazine and to my Bank to support my claim and hopefully the last payment will not be approved. Good luck to all the others caught in this scam. LDN

      • I live in New Zealand and have been ripped off also.I’m curious as to whether anybody has contacted law enforcement about this scam. If you can read the small print when you receive your samples. You will find that they have NOT been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Surely they should be forced to state this fact in their advertising campaign. We may be ingesting harmful drugs. I am going to attempt to contact the Salt Lake City police force to investigate this gang of thieves. Surely with all their resources they can trace them and stop this racket? Hopefully someone will reply to this.

  21. Please cancel my order as I have not agreed to continue to receive this producr.
    Joan Race

  22. I signed up for this Cleanse Total Diet tables – free gift after completing a Coles/Woolworths survey.
    I spoke with their Sydney number today, they have cancelled any further shipments and charges,
    and didn’t want me to send the bottle back. They said I will receive an confirmation email re: cancellation etc within 24 hours. Hopefully is is all sorted? Sorry to hear other people have not been so lucky.

  23. I got stung by these unscrupulous fraudsters. The law enforcement agencies do nothing about. The instigators could be putting cocain or other types of drugs in their samples to get us unsuspecting people hooked. I just curse everyone of these scam merchants. With cancer of the stomach. May they suffer in agony. That’s about all they deserve.

  24. I ordered the trial supplement of the Cleans Total Diet supplement on the 22/3/2017 which I never received nor a confirmation with tracking nr . On the 7/4/2017 a deduction of R1240 was done on my creditcard with reference Lipoexhelp. I tried to contact the customercare nr without any success. This must be a scam and I have no idea how I could now get hold of them to cancell any future deductions. I would like my monies refunded ..postage included. I also contacted my bank for assistance.

  25. also had the same experience x cancelled my card and coulnt get hold of anybody to help. Reported a fraud case at my bank

  26. I totally agree with all the above. I also agreed to a “free trial” and supplied my credit card for postage charges. 6 Weeks later I have had 5 charges of $135 = $675 charged to my credit card. I have since returned 2 packets not opened “return to sender”. I am unable to use the tablets due to health reasons. I went to my bank W/pac and because I gave my credit card details they couldn’t cancel any payments. The only way was to cancel my credit card and get them to reissue me another one. TOTAL SCAM….HAS TAUGHT ME AN EXPENSIVE LESSON.

  27. Dear sir,

    I have been receiving Cleanse Total Diet pills and Garcinia Total Diet Pills for some time as i have now found out that they are not working and i am not loosing weight etc. I returned to sender the pills for July noting that i did not wish to receive any more pills. I have since received both sets of pills for August which i will return to sender. I wish to advise that i do not wish to receive any more pills and i will advise my bank not to pay any further money..

    Can you please acknowledge receipt of this advise and that you will not forward any more pills

  28. Total rip off. I have received over the last 3 weeks 2 more bottle of this overpriced rubbish that I did not order. I ordered the original as a thank you for completing a survey with Bunnings.
    Phone no on support is disconnected & I doubt very much that I will get any response from email enquiry. Pack of bloody thieves.
    I will bag this company via Facebook

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