Why should you avoid Cleanse Xtrem Power?

Why should you avoid Cleanse Xtrem Power?

Over the past month or so we have seen an increase in the number of diet products being released all with a similar looking address; Linlithgow.

From Raspberry Ketone supplements to Garcinia Cambogia supplements there seem to be an awful lot of products being manufactured.

As well as their address one other thing is common amongst these products, each of them is made available with a trial that will lead to you signing up for an auto-ship program.

Reports from people who have signed up for these ‘trials’ have generally been negative with most saying how they have been charged the full amount before the end of the trial.

Obviously this will lead people to believe that these products are a scam.

One of the latest diet products to come out of Linlithgow is Cleanse Xtrem Power, a product that promises to help with your weight issues by giving your body a good detox.

Lets see if this product is effective or whether it should be avoided.

What are the claims made by Cleanse Xtrem Power?

  • Help with flatulence and gas
  • Reduce bloating and pain
  • Eliminate bacteria build up
  • Help with water retention

Basically taking Cleanse Xtrem Power is said to remove harmful food waste and toxins from your colon, which will ultimately result in weight loss.

What are the ingredients of Cleanse Xtrem Power?

Cleanse Xtrem Power is made from a proprietary blend of Aloe Vera, White cek (bark), Slippery Elm, Blue Vervain, Genfan, Psyllium, Senna and Goldenseal.

Now although many of these ingredients have the ability to detoxify the term proprietary blend is worrying as this means that it contains the ingredient but we have no idea how much.

Looking at the label there are a few filler ingredients and also a typo, which is also worrying.

The biggest worry is the use of Senna, as although it can relieve constipation and is often used to clear the bowel ready for a colonoscopy it is recommended that you do not take this particular ingredient for more than two weeks.

If you take it for a longer period of time then your bowel may stop functioning as it should.

How much does Cleanse Xtrem Power cost?

You can sign up for a 14-day trial of Cleanse Xtrem Power for £6.95, which is to cover the postage and packaging.

The problem is once you sign up for this trial you are also allowing them to charge you £89 at the end of the 14 days, with further charges of £95.95 every month thereafter.

Not only is this a simply ridiculous price to be paying, but if the reports online are to be believed then you may be charged before the end of the trial and continue to be charged long after you have cancelled.

Is Cleanse Xtrem Power a scam?

The use of auto-shipping is a notorious scam that many people unfortunately fall for time and again.

Cleanse Xtrem Power may contain ingredients that can give your body a detox but it certainly will come at a price that many of us simply cannot afford.

How to contact Cleanse Xtrem Power?

If you have signed up for this program and wish to cancel then you should phone the following number: 020 3014 4015

Cancellations are also said to allowed via email too: cancel@cleanseextrempower.com

Finally their address is:

Spinzar Labs Ltd.
PO Box 13511,
West Lothian
EH49 7YH

How to avoid being scammed in future?

If you want to avoid getting scammed in the future then I would recommend simply not signing up to any trials.

The old saying is true, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

We have written a short guide on how to get your money back if you feel that you have been scammed by diet pill. You can read it here.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Cleanse Xtrem Power

DetoxPlus is a proven alternative to Cleanse Xtrem Power. It contains proven ingredients and is much cheaper at just £19.95 for a months supply, with no need to sign up for any auto ship program.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus!

35 comments on "Why should you avoid Cleanse Xtrem Power?"
  1. I ordered Cleanse Xtrem (60 tablets) and Raspberry Ketone Blast (60 tabs) after being taken in by the company’s ad of a free trial (apart form £4.95 postage for each) only to get the biggest shock on my next bill for £89 and £95 respectively because I didn’t cancel the order during the trial period!!!! So nearly £200 for something that didn’t work. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    Regards Colin


    • This has just happened to me and I didnt even receive the products. The customer service was dreadful and ive just rang my bank (freud squad! ) and they have refered my complaint to the Freud investigators and I mauybe able to get my money back through the bank. Plus this scam company will be investigated. And last but not least. They sent one bottle of clense to another lady who shares the same full name as me, who I personally know. How did they get her address but with my postcode on it? And it was tracked through our most popular post company! Im going to expose these scam artists. Sorry this happened to you guys to. Ring your bank!

      • Hi it happend to me to I ordery for free trial for both the product cleanes extrem and raspberry for just 4.95 I did not see that I have to pay mor money I Thot is a trial and if I like the product I will order but the next thing it happen in two weeks time they took four payment of 400 paund from my account I did not resive other product they don’t explain u have to pay extra money they are scum I spoke to company they were very rude and not anderstanding I contacted my bank they are dealing with this scum company I hope I get my refund back and don’t do any think stupid as I did I felt so bad of my self thinking it is free and felt for that . I just need to let other know not to do the same mistake as I did to read through befor get any think 🙁

    • I was wanting to try to lose a few pounds when this advert came up for the trial of the cleanse Xtrem and Raspberry Ketone Blast. I went for the trial and duly paid my £4.95 for each on my credit card. My fault I suppose but I went t o use my card expecting to have money available and got the shock of my life. I was well over my limit. I checked they had taken out £89 and £95 for full payment of the trial order and then another to lots of £99 for the next batch. The first lot of money came out before the 14 days were up and the second batch didn’t arrive until 12 days after they took the next amount out. I asked to return them because they were didn’t work and the reply was yes but we will charge you a handling fee. To right they did. They kept £60 per package, plus I had to pay over £5 postage myself. A total rip off. Cant believe I was so stupid. Never will I sign up for anything on line again.

    • I too was totally duped into buying this rubbish, at the moment I’m trying to get my £95 back, luckily my bank didn’t pay their demand for £89. I always read terms & conditions & looked through theirs before I bought, since i’ve been on the phone to them complaining they have set up a Terms & Conditions site where they have actually put the priced down & tell you what will happen next, I am sure the price was not written down on the T & C I read because there is no way I would have agreed it, also the fact that you have 14 days but they don’t tell you from the day you purchased. I’m appalled that these companies are allowed to keep trading, the whole thing I realise now is a con, I thought I was trading with a UK company in Edinburgh, then the USA is mentioned but it in fact is in Cyprus, also it trades under so many different names, ie Arc Labs, Spinzar Labs, cleansextreme, wildketone, & I’m sure there are many more!! please be warned

    • Exactly the same thing happened to me. Did you manage to get the money back?

      DON’T answer ads for free trials of diet pills Cleanse Xtrem or Raspberry Ketone


  2. I ordered cleanse Xtrem (60 tablets) and Raspberry Ketone Blast (60 tabs) after being taken in by a free trial paying £4.95 postage for each.

    I had a great shock when I found out on my bank statement that I had been charged £89 and another amount of £95 was pending to be taken out.

    I called up this company and told them what a complete scam I thought it was and demanded my money back for something I haven’t received the following month. I did get a refund although the rip off b….. charged me £19.99 fee for cancelling! Please be careful it is a scam!!

  3. Glad I went on this web site before ordering!

  4. Sadly I have fallen for this scam and it is a scam they have just taken £178.00 out of my bank and I have not even received any goods.

    When I contacted customer services they told me the goods had been sent and have been left in my safe place, still looking for my safe place. I asked for a full refund only to be told by a call centre employee that they do not give refunds but if I returned the goods as a jesture they would refund £65.00. I am not sure if this person understood English but how she thought I could return goods I have not received is beyond me.

    The conversation got rather heated and I informed her that I now intended to report them for fraud unless I received confirmation of a refund within 24 hours. My bank are now involved but not sure if any refund will be given but I have made sure they are not getting anymore.

    Please read Guide to refunds from Free Trial Diet Pill Scam it is very helpful.

    • The link to our guide on how to get a refund can be read here: http://www.yourweightlossaid.com/get-refund-scammed-diet-pill/

    • I would just like to thank you all for putting your comments online as I too had been fooled by companies selling these products.
      I read the agreement set out and it did say you could cancel after 14 day trial but what it failed to tell you was the cost of these products.
      After reading your comments I went straight to the bank to ensure no more money comes out of my account. Had to ring the number on my card to cancel the card telling them that I thought my card had been compromised. It was only after cancelling the card I then tried to ring the companies with no joy, but have sent them both email to cancel any more shipments. I made sure I can cancelled card first before cancelling shipment in case they tried to take money as soon as they read the email. Kept the emails as then I have proof of what date email was sent – so the bank can get me refund if any monies are taken out of my account. Please ensure that you cancel within the correct time – as the cancellation date is within 14 days when you placed order and NOT 14 days of when you actually received your parcel.
      Hope this is of help!

  5. I fell for this too. Only found out when I received my credit card statement yesterday. Phoned the cleanse xtrem rip off merchants and spoke for half an hour to some foreigner who I couldn’t understand. Tried to explain to him that I wasn’t told how expensive the capsules were but he wasn’t helpful at all. When I mentioned contacting the Office of Fair Trading he said he would give me a partial refund as a gesture of goodwill. I cancelled any further shipments but was told the next one was on its way (I’m still waiting!) Can’t believe this has happened as I’m usually not taken in by things like this. I hope these people can sleep at night knowing what they’re doing to people. It’s disgusting.

    • have just read your comments and wish I had read all these comments before purchasing tablets at special delivery charge price only. Imagine my horror when I received my credit card statement with £400.00 charged by the company. Had a terrible time speaking to a person in customer services as I could not understand her but eventually managed to get her to understand that I no longer wish to have anything more to do with the company. I have phoned my credit card company and requested that no more debits from this company is allowed to go through my account. I have received an email from cleanse extreme confirming cancellation of further orders which I was unaware that I had signed up for and they have said they will refund part of the money. Have to wait and see if this happens.

  6. I have actually had a reply to my email I sent cancelling any more shipments. So I now have confirmation of cancellation of which I am keeping in a folder just in case!!!

    I am just so grateful for people’s comments that made me aware of what the possible outcome could be. I have been so lucky.

    My bank did say that they have had a lot of customers the last couple of weeks being taken in by these companies.

    I just feel like an idiot as I am normally taken in by these things! Cannot believe the ‘normal price’ of these tablets!!!

  7. Arghhhh..i cannot believe i have fallen for this scam.I have just got off the phone from cleanse xtrem to cancel my ‘free trial’ ie subscription!! And it has cost me £46 !! I told the gentleman on the phone how i have just received the product and will quite happily return it however they do not give full refunds. He assured me the product should work which it didn’t and so not only have i got a product for £46 but it doesn’t work.utterly upset by this experience especially as i have some learning disabilities and just feel robbed.

  8. This is making my blood boil. All these comments are true from my experience. They need to be exposed as soon as. In my message earlier I didn’t mention other bits that some of you are mentioning but yes, I spoke to someone with unbelievably bad English, told me my goods were already being shipped. Corse they were. My credit card company offered to help get my money back but when they said they would refund me I though ok. But then they didn’t say they were taking £30 off each order for handling. I ‘m still considering getting my bank to try to refund the full amount but not sure if I will be successful at this stage. I work dammed hard for an honest days pay and more hours besides my contracted ones. These liars, thieves and scam merchants are sick and need a good clearing out themselves. Just let them try to sue me for misrepresentation of character if they dare!!!!!!

  9. I too saw this advert on facebook and thought it was real. I ordered the free samples and then saw some comments warning people it was a scam. I emailed them straightaway to cancel and they wrote back saying I wouldn’t get charged. I think I did get charged a few pounds for each of the them and that was in feb 2014. Today I actually got the “Free samples” after all this time.
    I rang them and said why have you sent me these tablets when I cancelled the very same day as placing the order. The woman said, it’s a free gift for you, no charge.
    I am dreading it if I get charged the full amounts as I thought I had heard the last of them in Feb.
    The woman on the phone said there will be no further charges and I do have several emails saying that, but we shall see.

    • I did the same as you Binnie –
      About a 5-6wks ago, I ordered these tablets and then I called them immediately to cancel the trial products as it was a classic ‘too good to be true’ and caught me in a moment of weakness! When they told me what the monthly charge would be I was so glad that I acted fast, they immediately offered to halve the cost which just made me more convinced I was being scammed.
      I have also kept their email confirmation just in case of future problems. Like you, I then received the goods (last Friday) and so have emailed yesterday just to make sure I once again had written evidence of the cancellation – they responded promptly that the products were a gift.
      As so many others have said…never again! I don’t even know whether the tablets work yet but regardless of that, what a dodgy affair!

    • What’s their email address and telephone number please? Urgent

  10. Fell for this when seeing it on facebook on Saturday 19th July. Usually ignore those kind of things but thought just this once (apparently it was the final day to get this deal- silly me!). Ordered raspberry ketone blast and cleans xtrem on the free 14 day trial and then on Tuesday 2nd July was on facebook again and saw the advert come up- just clicked on it to see if it was the same deal and because I had some minor doubts and it was said Tuesday was the final day of the deal!

    I then googled both products just to see how much they usually cost in case I ever wanted to buy in the future and found this website. Couldn’t believe what I was reading and panic stared to set in. Managed to go back to the advert and find the terms and conditions and knew I had to act.

    I immediately sent two separate emails to the two customer services- one for each product stating that I wished to cancel my trial and as I had done so well within the 14 day trial said I expect not to be charged any further. However, I knew from reading comments on here that 1. they sometimes say they have not received emails and 2. even though you’ve cancelled they still take the money out.

    I knew I had to ring as well so as it was to late last night, I waited until today. I managed to get put through straight away (ringing raspberry ketone blast first) and the guy said he would cancel both products and asked why I had a sudden change of mind only a few days after ordering. I just said I had a long think about it and realised that it wasn’t something I was interested in or ever likely to use. He said fair enough and cancelled both telling me I would receive an email confirmation and also gave me to cancellation reference numbers. Still had a little doubt so also rang the number for cleanse xtrem from the terms and conditions page and said I wanted to cancel his product- this guy kept asking why I was cancelling when I hadn’t received the product yet and then asked was I using another product and what was it etc. He then said both would be cancelled but then hung up before I could ask for the cancelation ref no. I rang back and another guy said the order and trial had already been cancelled and repeated the ref nos. for me.

    All of them said I would have to return the product but never mentioned a charge. One of them did say if I kept the product I could have it at its current discount price of £39!! I said no thank you. I did let them know that I hadn’t received my product but as they promised it would arrive between 3-5 working days that I would be able to send it back within the 14 day trial period- all assured me that since I had cancelled no further money would be taken from my account.

    To be on the safe side and for my own piece of mind, I made the calls from my car right outside Barclays Bank. As soon as I had finished on the phone I went straight on my phone and saw two email confirming the cancelation of both products and then went into the bank and they directed me to the phone where I called the disputed debit card transactions number. I explained my situation and the scam and he said I have a feeling I know what products you are talking about and that the bank get hundreds of calls everyday from people in the same situation. He did say however that what they are doing is not actually a scam but that they are being clever putting that info about further charges in their terms and conditions. I had already noticed that two lots of £3.95 had gone from my account and while Barclays cannot put a block on them taking anymore money what they can do is put a cancellation on each one. That means if the ‘scammers’ do try taking more money from my account, Barclays will put it back in for me and take the money from the ‘scamming’ company. Normally the ‘scammers’ will try this for 2-3 months and then give up when they realise they are never going to the get the money. The money will be gone from your account for 24-48 hours (longer if it happens over weekend) before Barclays return it.

    Feel slightly calmer now and the guy I spoke to from the bank has said if anything else happens then to call. I still feel I am not completely in the clear as I still have to return the products once they arrive, will have to wait a few weeks to see if any money comes out and thirdly some people on here have mentioned they also go by another name so just worried that this hasn’t got a cancellation on it.

  11. My mum was also caught by this scam after threatenjng legal action they did offer a 40% refund on the first payment of £89 they advised it had been cancelled but they took another payment we phoned a call centre which was in another countey they cancelled the request. Please beware. My mum said there was also no return address.

  12. i have just been scammed to how do i contact them

  13. It’s really misleading the advert of Raspberry Ketone and Cleanse xtreme, i just wanted the trial and not intended to sign for it when i order, but then after i’ve order i googled it,so i found out that its a scam ..thank you guys for all ur comments and warning….coz i’ve cancelled it after 30 minutes i’ve order,send 3 cancellation email to their company then give a notice to my bank that i been scam so pls send me a new debit card number so this company cannot take money on my account..
    I receive a reply that they got my cancellation letter , and got my trial pills the next day.

  14. I too got taken in by the the company, I rang my bank 10 minutes after ordering and cancelled my Debit card with the bank and ordered a new one, this way they cannot take any more money from my account!! Talking with the bank rep he has said that I am not the first to be taken in and they know about the way this company works so be aware!!!

    I am going to chase it up through the bank to try and get my money back!!!

    Lets see what happens!!!!!

  15. My mother who 76 has foolishly fallen for this scam thinking she was getting a free trial.
    They have take nearly £400 from her account for 4 products, which is an absolute joke.
    My mother is nearly unwell with what has happened.
    We called them and they have refunded two of the, but not to the full cost.
    £95 – got refunded £69
    £89 – got refunded £75

    I have emailed them asking why not the full amount and we have told them we will be returning the other 2 products plus the free trial as she has not used any and we want a full refund.

    Can anyone confirm if I can take this any further or who i can go to ?

    There are a lot of vulnerable people falling for this and they are making money from it.
    They are taking advantage of the old which is sickening.

    Please feel free to email me at mckinlayscott@hotmail.com. so I can try and get my 76 year old Mothers money back for her, any help would be appreciated.

    Some sick people out there.



  16. Hi thanks for the heads up and have just cancelled by bank card i recieved the products yesterday and im now trying them if i get anymore it will be my choice not scammed of me. Guess they will have to see mine as a tester just like i bought them for.

  17. It a scam I call them to cancel they said my name is not on the system but have been charged 200 pounds

  18. This is a complete scam, I called them to cancel the order they said they have but deducted money twice from my account, Stupid people.

  19. I have been a complete fool and ordered the free trial only to find 2 weeks later they’ve taken near on £200 out which I didn’t knowingly authorize. They are very sneaky and don’t put any company information on the delivery notes when the trials come through so I couldn’t phone them. Then I couldn’t find any details for them (my search history on my laptop wasn’t helping as I think it comes under something completely different to the product names – again, quite sneaky I think as it means you can’t easily locate them through search engines). Anyway, my bank have been quite helpful and will endeavour to stop any future payments. However, it is my responsibility to call the company (still don’t know the name) and get them to cancel the subscription which I will be doing when they open this morning. Numbers given to me by my bank for these assholes are as follows:-
    0203 129 4392 and 0203 129 4083 – the number given above is dead so please use these two.
    I am usually quite savvy but fell for this one hook line and sinker – what an idiot I feel!

  20. It’s good thing I use my pre paid master card to pay for these capsules because hearing these story from people who buy these pills make think twice even to take them which I not

  21. i only wanted the free trial paying only postage, received two different packs of what i wanted to try , 12 months later, never opened and have a letter from a debt collection company wanting £153. think citizen advise is next after this review then court if it has to be.
    about 3-6 weeks after i sent payment for postage i got a phone call from bank, i went to bank querying the call, it was genuine, they had stopped a company trying to take money from my acc. this ?king company.
    rip off big style
    there is nothing on the paperwork that came with the pills to say anything about costs/payment,
    im getting more annoyed typing this, think court may sort it

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