Can coconut oil help with your weight issues?

Can coconut oil help with your weight issues?

Although the benefits of coconut oil have long been discussed Dr Mehmet Oz of the Dr Oz Show has recently revisited the topic during the December 19th 2013 episode of his popular show, entitled ‘Where Are They Now’.

During the show Dr Oz met a couple who had lost a combined total of over 300 pounds. Who had learnt how eating the right kind of fats, such as those found in coconut oil, could help them to control their hunger.

Coconut oil for weight loss

Coconut oil contains a special kind of fat called medium chain triglycerides or MCTs for short.

When these healthy fats are broken down in your liver you will improve your ability to burn fat.

The consumption of these MCTs have also been shown to significantly affect your appetite, with a reduction in hunger to be expected.

What did Dr Oz say about coconut oil?

If you want to see what Dr Oz had to say about the weight loss benefits of coconut oil please click this link.

Coconut Oil Dr Oz

Coconut oil benefits

As well as the weight loss benefits there are other health benefits too, including:

The ability to lower your cholesterol

Coconut oil contains a saturated fat called lauric acid that has been shown to increase good HDL cholesterol levels.

It can also benefit your overall cholesterol levels by promoting the conversion of cholesterol into pregnenolone.

As coconut oil can help restore normal thyroid function, your cholesterol levels will become healthier too.

Reduce the effects of Diabetes

Coconut oil is a good choice for diabetics as it can help regulate blood sugar levels.

Improved bone strength

Coconut oil has been shown to help improve the absorption of both calcium and magnesium, which are both useful for bones strength.


Coconut oil contains powerful antioxidants shown to protect your body from damage, including those problems associated with oxidation.

For example, cardiovascular problems and skin ageing.

It is also a great moisturiser as it contains vitamin E, which offers your skin protection.

Fight infection

There have been studies that have shown that coconut oil can improve your ability to fight off viruses and the bacteria that cause illness.

Healthy hair

Coconut oil contains fatty acids and kinetin that can help keep your hair looking healthy.

Is coconut oil proven?

A study undertaken in 2009 has shown that women who consume 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily for a 12 week period did not gain weight and lost fat from their waistlines, which is considered one of the most difficult places to lose fat.

Studies into the benefits of MCTs are even more impressive, with one study published in 1998 showing how 14 healthy men who at MCTs for breakfast ate a significantly lower amount of calories at dinner than normal.

Side effects of coconut oil

Research suggests that coconut oil is perfectly safe to use.

However, it is recommended when choosing to buy coconut oil that you try to pick a product that is organic and free from pesticides (such as Nutiva Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin) as this will be a healthier option for you.

How to use coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a solid fat at room temperature, however once warmed will become a perfect replacement for butter or other fattening oils.

It has a strong flavour so you do not need to use much when put into soups, curries or other cooking purposes.

Where to buy coconut oil?

Nutiva Coconut Oil Organic Extra VirginAlthough you may be lucky enough to find coconut oil in your local grocery store or health food shop, your best bet may be to buy it online.

Our recommendation is Nutiva Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin, which is available to buy from the Vitamin Shoppe website.

At present a 15 ounce container will cost just $11.99.

Nutiva Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin is:

  • Not refined or bleached
  • Is organic and free from pesticides and GMO

This means that you can experience the full benefits of coconut oil without any harm.

Click here to buy Nutiva Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin

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