6 Common Excuses not to Lose Weight

6 Common Excuses not to Lose Weight

Anyone who has ever said that weight loss is easy is lying to you. The truth is that is can take a lot of work, with numerous commitments and sacrifices needing to be made.

For some this to too much work, which is where the excuses come in.

Here are some of the most common excuses not to lose weight:

Excuse #1: “I have always been fat

This may not be something you would like to hear but feeling sorry for yourself is never going to help you achieve your goals.

Always being overweight is not an excuse not to change. If you really want to then it can be done.

Being overweight puts an extra strain on your body, which unfortunately will lead to numerous conditions that can limit not only the length of your life but also the quality of it.

Excuse #2: “I work out so can eat whatever I want

Exercise is certainly a good habit to have, even if weight loss is your goal. It has after-all been shown to help boost your overall health.

However, if you wish to lose weight then relying solely on exercise simply wont cut it.

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Chances are you will be taking in considerably more calories than you are able to burn.

Plus, what is easier? Cutting 500 calories from your diet, or trying to burn that many calories in the gym?

Excuse #3: “I don’t have time to exercise

This is a common excuse, and one that many of us have used at one time or another.

The fact is that nowadays we are leading busier lives than in the past. However if you are truthful with yourself then you will know you do have enough time to exercise if you really wanted to.

Look at it like this. How much TV do you watch daily? Or how much time do you spend staring at your phone or spent on social media?

I bet the time will mount up over the day.

You do not need to spend hour upon hour in the gym to experience the benefits. Just 5-10 minutes a day can be enough. Just make sure that what you do is intense and you could potentially burn off hundreds of calories.

If time is short then look at HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. It is perfect for those with busy lives.

Excuse #4: “Exercise hurts

Health Benefits ExerciseIf you are not used to exercise or do not perform it regularly then chances are you are going to be aching and sore for perhaps days after your workout.

Once you get into the habit though your body will get used to the rigours of exercise. Plus, surely the benefits of exercise is surely worth a little pain?

Excuse #5: “I love eating junk food

Junk food is addictive and if that is all you eat it can be hard to break the cycle. However, if you value your health then it will be worth the effort.

Healthy foods have a stigma that they are boring, but if you are willing to experiment with flavours and textures you can add plenty of enjoyment to your meals.

If you eat healthily most of the time, you can also indulge in a little junk food from time to time too. Just make sure these treats are only an occasional indulgence.

Excuse #6: “It is not fun doing it alone

While it is certainly true that dieting alone is hard and certainly not fun, there are ways that you can get a little support.

First look to see if any family or friends are willing to go through the journey with you.

Failing that, you could join your local slimming club where you will be surrounded by others in a similar situation as yourself.

Remember those who have support are more likely to succeed at their weight loss goals.

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