6 Healthy Habits for Consistent Weight Loss

6 Healthy Habits for Consistent Weight Loss

If you are wanting to achieve consistent weight loss there are certain healthy habits you must do.

Forget about fad diets that only work in the short-term, these tips will work in the long-term.

#1: Don’t take the weekend off

If you are eating healthily all week and getting regular exercise too, why would you then ruin your efforts by over-indulging with junk food and not getting any exercise at all over the weekends? It simply does not make any sense.

To see those long-term results you need to be working towards your goal all 7 days of the week.

Of course the occasional ‘cheat meal’ or day off from training is a good idea to make sure you do not become bored with your new healthier lifestyle, but too many of these ‘off days’ will derail your overall efforts.

#2: You must exercise

With our busy lives you may feel as though you don’t have the time to exercise. Yet if you value your overall health then it is a must.

Not only does exercise help to burn off calories, but research has also shown its ability to improve your health. A study just last year showed how regular exercise could reduce the risk of heart disease.

You do not even need hours daily to get a good workout, with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) you can potentially burn hundreds of calories in just a few short minutes.

#3: Watch those liquid calories

Liquid calories are those calories consumed from what we drink. For instance those soft drinks and beverages full of added sugar and creams.

Even those diet versions, despite having virtually no calories are best avoided too. Research has shown that they too can promote weight gain as they can increase cravings for sugar.

The best drink for weight loss is water, which may sound boring but it contains zero calories and has been shown to curb the appetite.

Weight LossPerhaps to improve its taste you could add a slice of lemon or a different citrus fruit to the glass.

#4: Don’t demonise food

Many of us have a bad relationship with food, which can cause us to either deprive ourselves or overindulge them.

When you deprive yourself you are going to increase cravings, while overindulging can lead us to feel depressed and likely to resort to emotional eating.

It may be hard to begin, but you need to try and separate your emotions from your hunger.

#5: Less screen time

In this day and age with smart phones and tablets everywhere it can be difficult to remove yourself from your screen. However, doing so will certainly aid your weight loss efforts.

For example, eating in front of the TV or while browsing your phone will result in you overeating. This is because you are not taking notice of what you are eating, or the amounts.

When you eat mindfully you will consume less.

Also, taking your phone to bed can result in a sleepless night, what with the texts, the updates , etc.

Leave your phone in another room, get a good 7-8 hours sleep every night and the hormones that control your cravings will be less effected, resulting in fewer food cravings.

#6: Make a plan

If you have a goal in mind then you better have a plan of action of how you are going to reach this goal.

This plan could be as simple as saying you are going to cut back on junk food and soft drinks, but you must stick to it.

I would also suggest making small goals that you can easily achieve. Doing so will motivate you towards achieving your next goal.

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