Control your Emotions for Weight Loss Success

Control your Emotions for Weight Loss Success

Why do you think that you are unable to lose weight and keep it off long term? A recent study by Orlando Health that looked at the reasons why people fail to lose weight has a surprising answer for you.

Out of those 1,000 volunteers for the study they found that 31% thought that a lack of exercise was the reason why they were unable to lose weight.

The study also found that:

  • 21% thought it was due to your diet
  • 17% thought it was the high price of living healthily
  • 12% thought that time constraints was the biggest hurdle to overcome

Surprisingly only 10% said that their inability to control their emotions was to blame.

How can your emotions ruin your weight loss efforts?

From a young age we become emotionally attached to food, both in good and bad ways.

No doubt you were rewarded with food when you were good as a child, or given something nice to eat when you were upset.

Even the smell of certain foods can cause an emotional reaction that can unfortunately cause you to overeat, which will ultimately lead to weight gain if you are not careful and the health issues that are associated with being overweight or obese.

Emotional EatingThe reason why these cravings are hard to resist is because when you eat these foods dopamine is released.

Dopamine is a hormone that causes you to feel good, which is why you often crave junk food and sweets when you are feel depressed or down.

So what can you do about it?

Losing weight is more than just diet and exercise, you also need to understand what is causing you to eat.

With this in mind I would suggest that you keep a food diary of what you eat to see what reactions certain foods give.

If the food evokes a certain memory then write it down, similarly if there are certain foods that you are unable to resist or cannot put down then write them down too.

The reason for this is that you will be able to discover for yourself what foods cause which reaction, so you can tell if any foods are best avoided completely.

I would also suggest that if you experience any food cravings, to ask yourself whether you are actually hungry or if there is another reason behind the cravings. For instance, stress or even boredom.

Finally, if you are struggling to control your emotions and you are finding that your health is starting to suffer because of it then it is perhaps a good idea to speak to a psychologist as they will be able to talk about your particular problems and hopefully be able to work with you to find a solution.

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