Dr Oz shows off the Couples Diet

Dr Oz shows off the Couples Diet

The so called Couples Diet has recently come to the publics attention after its creator Chris Powell was interviewed on a recent episode of the ever popular Dr Oz Show.

So what is this diet and how will it help you reach your weight loss goals?

What is the Couples Diet?

In essence this diet is for a couple to get healthy and to lose weight together. It really is as simple as that.

During the Dr Oz Show, 2 of his guests were shown to be desperate to lose weight before they got married, not only to look as good as they possibly could for their big day, but also to ensure they were healthy for any future children they had together.

While they were active, their jobs means that it was hard to stick to a normal eating schedule.

Dr Mehmet Oz enlisted the help of Chris Powell and his wife to come up with an eating plan that would work for both men and women, ensuring they both could reach their goals.

What did Chris Powell come up with?

Before you start the Couples Diet you must realise that there must be a support system in place in order for it to be successful.

If you are unable to support each other during the process then you are unlikely to succeed and will most certainly lead to unwanted conflict.

So without further ado, here is what Chris Powell suggests for the Couples Diet:

Step #1: Low carb days

The first step of this diet plan is to have 4 low carb days every week. It is recommended that you eat 5 meals daily, preferably every 3 hours with breakfast to be eaten within 30 minutes of waking up.

Sample meals include:

  • Egg white omelette with baked potato
  • Almonds and cottage cheese
  • Burger with vegetables
  • Steak with salad

While undertaking these low carb days you may find yourself feeling more irritable than normal as you are likely to be skipping a number of those ‘feel good’ foods.

Try to understand how your partner is feeling and try to be supportive, you are after-all experiencing the same withdrawals.

Step #2: High carb days

For 2 days of the week you will be allowed to eat carbohydrates, which means you will now be able to eat foods such as whole grain pasta.

You should still try to eat 5 times daily, at approximately 3 hours apart.

It is also recommended that you try to add some protein shakes to your diet and to eat plenty of green vegetables and salads to your meals to keep cravings to a minimum.

Step #3: Cheat day

The final step for the Couples Diet is the cheat day where you will be able to eat pretty much whatever you want, obviously within reason.

Cheat days will help you to stick to your diet plan as it will allow you to eat all those foods you are craving. You just need to make sure you treat yourself in moderation, otherwise you will derail any good work done previously.

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