5 Crazy New Weight Loss Methods

5 Crazy New Weight Loss Methods

Weight loss can be difficult, which is why people just like you often opt for supposedly quick methods.

Unfortunately most of the time these methods don’t work, with some even causing long term health issues.

Here are some methods you may not have thought of, that may actually work. Lets discover the truth.

#1: Fat Freezing

Otherwise known as cryolipolysis, or CookSculpting, this technique was first invented in 2008.

It involves your body fat being pressed between two cooling plates connected to a vacuum tube.

When the fat cells are frozen they undergo apoptosis, which is essentially programmed cell death.

After a period of two months these fat cells are cleared, helping you to slim down.

While this procedure is non-invasive, any results are minimal, so unless you have money to burn this process may not be for you.

#2: Gastric Balloon

This method involves having a silicone balloon placed into your stomach using an endoscope.

When the balloon is inflated in your stomach it is roughly the size of a grapefruit.

The idea behind the balloon is that if your stomach is full you wont want to eat as much as you would normally.

Issues encountered include vomiting, nausea and cramps, but the biggest issue is the cost.

Again, unless you have money spare then this option wont be for you.

#3: Vaping

Vaping has become an incredibly popular past time, particularly among those looking for a supposedly safer alternative to smoking.

There are even diet brands that claim that vaping could help your weight loss efforts, do they work as claimed?

At present research into vaping is in its infancy, with most of us completely unaware whether it could help with weight loss, or even if it is a safe substitute to cigarettes.

#4: Stomach Draining

This idea may sound disgusting, literally having a valve from your stomach that can empty a third of its contents whenever you want, but it actually exists.

The AspireAssist is a tube that is surgically inserted into your abdomen, and around 30 minutes after you have eaten you can open the valve to empty your stomach.

It has been shown that this valve will help result in weight loss and can help you change your eating behaviour, but the fact remains that you are basically pooping out of your stomach, which is not a nice thought.

#5: Body Wraps

There are various body wraps that claim to help with weight loss, but most wont work at all.

Those body wraps that do work are likely to only result in lost water weight, due to excessive sweating, which is quickly replaced the next time you drink.

Weight Loss Methods that Actually Work

While the above methods can give you a little boost, when it comes to weight loss nothing beats traditional diet and exercise.

Cutting out junk foods and processed foods would be a great start, and this simple act can produce incredible results.

Instead you should choose ‘whole’ foods, which are those that have not been processed. For example fruits and vegetables.

These types of food are low in calories, and are full of the nutrients you body needs.

What you drink has an impact on your weight too, so cut back on soft drinks and those sugar-laden beverages.

I would personally suggest drinking more water, as it is free of calories and can help curb your appetite.

Exercise is also important, not only to help burn calories but for the proven health benefits too.

I wouldn’t focus entirely on cardio-based workouts though, for better results you should incorporate some muscle building into your workouts too.

When you build muscle your metabolism will increase, which will enable you to burn off more calories than you would normally.

Getting a good nights sleep and avoiding stress can also help your weight loss efforts too, so I would suggest yoga or meditation to help with this.

Finally, I would also recommend looking at a proven weight loss supplement like PhenQ.

PhenQThis particular product contains ingredients proven to aid your own weight loss efforts, providing its users with the following benefits:

  • Lose body fat
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Reduce body fat production
  • More energy
  • Better mood

For more information on PhenQ please click the link below to read our full review.

I wish you good luck with your weight loss efforts, it maybe difficult but if you stick with it you will amaze yourself with your transformation.

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